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To be Bicultural Scholar and Honourable Leader through Humanities.


To nurture responsible, independent learners and thinkers with a global outlook through an authentic and generative Humanities-based tasks and issues. 

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Everest and Beyond by Mr Matt Dickinson (4 March 2015)

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National Geographic and Discovery Channel film-maker Mr Matt Dickinson talks about the joys of reaching the top of the world and how global warming is affecting climbers today. An interactive question and answer session was held between Mr Dickinson and our students, where he answered some burning questions from the audience.  

Mr Matt Dickinson sharing his personal storiesRich Q&A between students and Mr Dickinson
Token of appreciation for his time and sincerity in sharing his rich life experience Students forming long queues for Mr Dickinson’s book, The Everest Files and his autograph.
Resilience and Being Prepared for Earthquakes and Tsunamis in West Sumatra by Professor Isaac Kerlow (9 July 2015)


Professor Isaac Kerlow is a Principal Investigator (PI) at Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS) and a filmmaker/artist by training. As EOS feels that many casualties could be avoided with education, resources were invested into creating an online game, Earth Girl 2, which allows people of all ages and ethnic groups to learn through play.
Exchange of gifts between EOS and AHSStudents trying their hand with Earth Girl 2

Keeping your safe in the air: Impact of weather on Aviation (9 July 2015)

10.pngEach week about 7000 flights land or depart from Changi Airport, serving more than 100 airlines and flying to over 300 cities across the world, making Changi Airport the second busiest airport in Asia. To remain as one of the best airport, Changi Airport works hand in hand with a group of professionals who are charged with ensuring the safety of pilots and passengers landing and departing from Changi Airport.

This group of professionals are responsible for providing essential weather information as well as helping pilots avoid hazards caused by severe weather conditions. They are the ones who work around the clock, from hour to hour, to keep our skies safe and to do what they can to make sure pilots and passengers around the world reach their destinations. 

Ms Audrey Eun, a meteorologist, is part of this team of professionals. In her talk, she explained how weather information is an important component of pre-flight planning. She also highlighted that the provision of such information is an important part of en-route flight as it helps pilots avoid the hazards caused by severe weather conditions.   Students were also able to find out why and how meteorologists work round the clock to help keep aviation safe from the hazards of weather.
Token of appreciation given to our guest speakersEngaging our students with their professional sharing


14.pngThe Humanities Week kickstarted with the Secondary 1s having an Outdoor Learning Experience with the Water Trail at Lower Seletar Reservoir. This is an authentic learning experience as students tested the water quality at the reservoir using standard Geographical tools and equipment. Our guest speaker, Dr Aaron Chia, generously shared with our Secondary 3s on the Dynamics of Water, Energy, Waste and Environment (WEWE) in Singapore to help them gain deeper insight into their project work based on the theme, Water. The Internal Security Department (ISD) had also set up a mobile exhibition on Threat of Terrorism towards Singapore. Student guides were trained by ISD officers and this helped to train their confidence in public speaking as well as provided them with deeper understanding of the threat of terrorism. An inaugural Siow Miow Yew Inter-school British Parliamentary Debates was held with 8 teams from 5 schools competing. The schools were: Cedar Girls’, Dunman High, Loyang Secondary, St Theresa Convent and Anglican High School.
 Students from Anglican High School in ActionStudents from Dunman High School and Cedar Girls' School in Action 


Anglican High School had the privilege of commemorating World Water Day this year on 14 March 2015. World Water Day is held annually to celebrate the importance of water sustainability. For Singapore, building water security and developing community stewardship of water resources has been integral in our nation's growth. As part of this nation-wide celebration, the Public Utilities Board (PUB) and Bukit View Secondary School jointly organised the Water Conservation Animation Competition 2014-2015, with support from Anglican High School and Pei Hwa Secondary School. This prestigious competition spanned over an intensive period of five months, gradually instilling and developing the 21st Century Competencies in its participants.
Group photo by winners of the Water Conservation Animation Competition 2014-2015Chairman of the School Management Board, Mr Chan, and Principal, Mdm Maureen Lee with officers from PUB
To mark the pinnacle of this commemoration, Anglican High School hosted the Water Conservation Animation Competition 2014-2015 Prize Presentation which was honourably graced by the Guest-Of-Honour, Mr Chan Sui Him, Chairman of the AHS Board of Directors. Anglican High School also had the pleasure to receive the three finalists from Ang Mo Kio Primary School, Haig Girls' School and Holy Innocents' Primary School.

In the spirit of fostering partnership with our community partners, Anglican High School graciously invited representatives from PUB, namely Ms Diana Leong (Senior Manager, 3P Department), Mr Jason Wong (Industry Development Executive) and Mr Zhan Hong (PUB scholar) to participate in the annual ‘iLoveAHS Walk’ and the 'iLoveAHS Carnival'.  
PUB also showed its support by inviting Water Wally, the water mascot for PUB, to the festivities throughout the whole day. This was followed by a huge giveaway of 1,600 foldable water bottles and stickers as freebies to lucky participants of the day’s events with the reminder that “every drop counts, every contribution matters, no matter how big or small”.


Siow Miow Yew Challenge 2013

An inter-disciplinary competition where Lower and Upper Secondary students pitted their intelligence against their respective cohorts, showing which class was most well-read on things related to the Humanities.

Picture 1a_4B Winner of the Upp Sec SMY Challenge 2013.jpg

Winner of 2013 Upper secondary SMY Challenge

Picture 1b_Lower Sec students engaged with the SMY Challenge.jpg

Lower secondary students engaged with the SMY Challenge

Lower Seletar Water Trail

This is the second year that AHS is adopting the Lower Seletar Reservoir and our Secondary 3 students did us proud by conducting training for students from other school to be facilitators of the ABC Water Trail.

Picture 2a.jpg

Mr Khaw Boon Wan, Minister for National Development and Mr Hawazi Daipi, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Manpower, gracing the opening ceremony of the 2013 ABC Water Trail at Lower Seletar Reservoir.

Picture 2b.jpg

Mrs NC Koh, Geography teacher, giving instructions to student facilitators


Humanities Seminar Series is into its 2nd year. This year we are honoured to have invited 4 prestigious speakers who came and inspired our students and teachers with their generous sharing and ignited our interest in the fields that they are passionate about. Our first speaker was Mr Marcus Lim, historian artist. The next speaker was Singapore’s renown archaeologist, Mr Lim Chen Sian. The 3rd speaker was Mr Ivan Kwan, winner of the National Blogger Award 2013 and nature conservationist. The last speaker was Mr Jerrold Yam, Singapore’s youngest poet with the most number of published poetry books like Chasing Curtained Suns and the Scattered Vertebrae. He had mostly kindly agreed to share his works with the students during his summer break from University College London.

Picture 3.JPGPicture 5.jpg
Students receiving a painting from Mr Marcus           Mr Kwan engaging our students with his rich 
Lim as they have given the correct answer to            sharing on conservation of nature in Singapore.
his mysterious number question

Picture 6.JPGPicture 4.jpg
Mr Yam presenting his autograph book to a lucky      Publicity posters created to promote HSS in the 
student                                                                          school and cluster

This Humanities Series was started in 2012, when Anglican High School’s Humanities Department wanted to further deepen our students’ interest in the Humanities by tapping on the expert knowledge of professionals in fields related to the Humanities. These professionals would share their insights and relevance of learning the Humanities to the real world. To facilitate close interaction between the guest speaker and our students, the number of students allowed to attend this seminar is capped between 40 – 100, depending on the popularity of the topic. Students signed up voluntarily on a first-come-first served basis and the response since February has been heartening. Our first speaker was Mr Jason Chin, a young entrepreneur who shared the importance of going global and always having keeping an open heart and mind if one would like to succeed in the business world. Our second speaker was Associate Professor Kalyani Chatterjea who shared her professional knowledge on flooding in urban areas. Our most distinguished speaker in April was Minister of State, Brigadier General Tan Chuan Jin, who shared with us the juggling act the government has to maintain between development and preserving our national heritage. With these three successful seminars, the Humanities Department is heartened and will continue reaching out to professionals with significant insights to enhance our students’ knowledge and passion for the humanities.


History Through Arts

This module was piloted with the Secondary 1 CHAMPS PLUS students to provide them with greater depth and breadth in historical concepts and significance of national monuments in a country’s history. The case study done by the students in 2013 was the Bubiyan statues.

National Stamp Collecting Competition

This year, four teams participated in the annual National Stamp Collecting Competition (NSCC) organized by the Singapore Philatelic Museum. This is the ninth year of our participation and the first time we have sent our Secondary 1 students to compete in this event. After months of brainstorming and selecting the best stamps to showcase our research, we have clinched 1 Silver and 3 Bronze awards from among 525 entries.

Picture 7.jpg

Students receiving the NSCC Award

The experience was indeed a truly memorable and meaningful one as students have learnt to apply the skill of research through stamps while honing their skill of writing, as each group was required to submit a 16-page write-up of their chosen theme and accompany their stories with various types of stamps. 

After months of research and editing, the entry from the Silver-award team was finally chosen to be displayed at The Singapore Philatelic Museum from 31 Aug to 15 Sep 2013 for public viewing.



Raffles Mock UN Conference

Fourteen Secondary 3 students took part in the Raffles Mock UN Conference (RMUN). Although we did not clinch any award, it was an interesting process to be discussing issues at an ‘international’ platform where students have to observe UN protocol and decorum.

Picture 8.jpg

Students taking on roles as diplomats from Azerbaijan and Israel

Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Competition

In the month of April, our debaters in Speaker’s Club attended the Singapore Secondary School Debate Competition. It is an annual national secondary school debate competition, co-organized by Debate Association (Singapore) and Julia Gabriel’s. A strong achievement for these first timers who are 14 years old and competing against Upper Secondary students from other schools, with one of our student coming in top 11th Debater in Div III.

Picture 9.JPG

Students posing with Julia Gabriel at the Award Ceremony