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EZ 'O' Music Special Programme

The Eastzone 'O' Level Music Special Programme is a yearly affair held at Anglican High School and brings together about 50 to 60 'O' level students across various schools in the East Zone. 

We encourage the students to hone their ensemble skills by interacting with fellow musicians, conduct teacher-led workshops by teachers and specialists in areas of composition, musicianship and other aspects of the 'O' Level Music syllabus. 

This year, the 'O' Level Music students also collaborated with Eileen's Childcare to work together with 63 preschoolers. Within 45 minutes of musicking together, all the students managed to put together a mini concert and the preschoolers were not only taught ensemble skills and music shaping, but were treated to 2 songs sung by the 'O' Level Music students in a choir as well. It was a very fruitful 2-day programme, and we look forward to bringing joy to the community through music. 

EZ 2017 1.jpeg
EZ 2017 2.jpeg
'O' level Music students training the younger kindergarten children in ensemble and music skills.

EZ 2017 6.jpeg
'O' Level Music students, teachers as well as children and teachers from Eileen's Childcare in a post-concert group photo.