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Singapore Secondary Schools Debate Championships

Onward, AHS Speakers!

On 28 April 2017, a team of Sec 3 debators comprising Cladys Lian (Sec 3K), Gareth Lim (Sec 3D), Jared Tjo (Sec 3A), Natalie Raye (Sec 3J) and Travis Tan (Sec 3A) competed in the Grand Finals of the Singapore Secondary Schools Debate Championships (SSSDC) at Anglo-Chinese Junior College. This was a culmination of an intense series of three preliminary, quarter and semi-final rounds.

Opposing the motion 'This House believes that movies and TV shows about superheroes have a negative impact on society', the team sparred against opponents SJI International, exuding wit, intellect and finesse on the floor. When the going got tough, the team members rallied around each other and with unflagging spirits, presented themselves as a force to be reckoned as they delivered each point of argumentation with confidence and gusto. It was a close fight, and after an extended period of deliberation by the judging panel, the team emerged as first runner-up in the Singapore Secondary Schools Debate Championships. Gareth Lim (Sec 3D) was also awarded the third best speaker in Division II.

This is the second time since the establishment of the Speakers’ Club CCA in 2012 that AHS debators have reached the SSSDC Grand Finals. Coming in as first runner-up in 2015 enabled the team to move from Division III to Division II while their achievement this year may yet again provide new opportunities for the team.  Indeed, we are immensely proud of our AHS debators, who dazzle us not only with their razor-sharp wit and elocution, but also with their sheer tenacity and passion for debating, demonstrated both in the preparation process and on the competition floor. We look forward to the team scaling new heights in time to come. Onward, AHS Speakers!