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Speakers' Club

In alignment with the school's vision to nurture bicultural scholars with strong language competencies and  communication skills, the Speakers' Club was formed as an interest group in 2012. Enthusiastic students who already had one CCA attended both their main CCA as well as debate training at Speakers' Club. In recognition of their dedication and the growing interest in the interest group, the school set up Speakers' Club as a new CCA in 2013.  

The club has experienced a dynamic journey, with the hunger, hard work and humility of its pioneer members, moving from a Division III to Division II school in 2016, due to its excellent performance in the Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championships in 2015.

Besides participating in debate competitions and Model United Nations, Speakers’ Club also helms the MAAN show broadcasted from Studio Arden every Friday from 2.15pm to 2.45pm. The show engages the audience in light-hearted topics from social trends and school events to music and songs the student body enjoys. 


To groom critical thinkers who can think on their feet articulate their thoughts confidently and persuasively in front an audience.


Cultivate public speakers who are world-ready.


Date of CompetitionDetails of CompetitionAward
 June 2015 Youth Debate Open
Team: Ynez Heng (Sec 3J), Lincoln Lau (Sec 3F)
Best speakers in the Silver Division Grand Final:
1st Proposition Speaker: Lincoln Lau (Sec 3F) 
Silver Division Champions 
 August 2015 CHIJ St. Theresa's Convent Annual Mock Parliament 2015
Team: Collin Sim (Sec 3H), Elliot Kok (Sec 3A), Celestine Teh (Sec 3J), Pearlyn Wong (Sec 2A)
Collin Sim (Sec 3H) won 3rd best speaker
Pearlyn Wong (Sec 2A) was one of the 3 best floor debate speakers
2nd Runner Up 
 October 2015 National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) 10 Bronze Awards 
 January 2016 Speak Ventures Debate Championships 2016
Ynez Heng (Sec 4J)
Collin Sim (Sec 4H)
Ng Huey Min (Sec 4B) 

4th in Silver Division
12th in Silver Division
17th in Silver Division 
 February 2016 SMY British Parliamentary Debate 2016
Pearlyn Wong Yan Li (Sec 3C)
Tan Yi Hao (Sec 3C)

Lee Rae Ling Myra (Sec 3J)
Yoon Shwe Yee (Sec 3H)

Champions for Opening Opposition

3rd Runner Up for Closing Govt 
 July 2016 National Schools' Literature Festival Set Text/Unseen Debates
Gracia Tan En Qi (Sec 3H)
Kelly Soo Chia Yi (Sec 3H)
Yong Shi En Elizabeth (Sec 3H)
Yoon Shwe Yee (Sec 3H)
See Wenwei (Sec 3D)
Tam Sook Wei Sarah (Sec 3D)
Joash Lee Kah Fai (Sec 3D)
Lim Chu Farn (Sec 3D) 
 January 2017Speak Ventures Debate Championships
Pearlyn Wong Yan Li (Sec 4C)
Yoon Shwe Yee (Sec 4H)
Cladys Lian Hui Xin (Sec 3K)
Jared Tjo Sheng Xiang (Sec 3A)
Natalie Raye (Sec 3J)
Gareth Lim Ye Feng (Sec 3D) 
Semi-finalist- Gareth Lim Ye Feng
First in Gold Division