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English Drama


Miss Trina Chang
Mrs Kanjana Ganesan
Mrs Cellina Xie

2015 proved to be an exciting and eventful year for the AHS English Drama club. The students began the year preparing for the SYF Arts Presentation in April 2015, with a play entitled ‘A Thousand Cranes’, based on a true story of Sadako Sasaki who was 2 years old and lived in Hiroshima at the time of the atomic bombing. This performance was greeted by good reviews, as the panel of judges praised the students’ efforts and awarded the club with a Certificate of Distinction. 

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In April and October 2015, the students embarked on a joint collaboration with the National Library Board performance at the Woodlands Regional Library. For these two productions, the students performed ‘A Thousand Cranes’ and ‘Once Upon a Time’. Not only did they gain the invaluable opportunity to learn from drama students from other secondary schools, they also had the experience of engaging and interacting with a group of adorable young children, who made up the bulk of the audience. 


Date of CompetitionDetails of CompetitionAward
 April 2015SYF Arts Presentation Certificate of Accomplishment 
 October 2015 National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA)  17 Bronze Awards