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The National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) formed in 1959, has a membership of about 20,000 cadets. NPCC (Girls) in Anglican High School was set up in 2005 and is the youngest Uniformed Group in Anglican High School. After six years of dedication and perseverance, AHS NPCC unit has attained Gold for the Unit Overall Proficiency Award 2010.


The Corps seeks to indoctrinate in its members the knowledge of discipline, conscientiousness and a sense of esprit de corps, as well as the importance of serving the community.

In NPCC, cadets undergo a variety of training such as crime prevention, road safety training (which includes interaction with primary school students when they visit the road safety park), campcraft, footdrill, baton drill, precision drill and many more.

One of the major highlights of our CCA is the .22 revolver shooting which is held at Home Team Academy. Cadets are given the opportunity to fire actual .22 revolvers and attain their Marksmanship badge. They also get to compete with other units at the annual .22 revolver shooting competition held by NPCC HQ. Another highlight of our CCA is the chance to take part in camps held at Pulau Ubin, where they get to engage in obstacles like the Flying Fox and overcoming the various ropes challenge. At the same time, they learn basic survival cooking, canoeing and rafting.

Some of the optional enrichment programs that our cadets are given a chance to take part include the .177 Air Rifle training and Air Pistol training, one and two-star kayaking, basic adult first aid certification and OBS. They are also given opportunities to represent the unit in NPCC parades and National Day Parade.

Our cadets have taken part in various competitions, such as the National Campcraft Competition, the Inter-Unit Quiz competition. Our school has also consistently performed well at the annual NUS-NPCC Air Rifle Shooting Championships, acquiring top positions.

In accordance with the school’s student-leadership framework, our cadets have served the community in various ways. Every year, they take part in crime-prevention campaigns both within the school and the community. Our cadets also initiated and participated in projects together with charity organisations such as YMCA and student care centres.

Our Achievements

Date of CompetitionDetails of CompetitionAward
 March 2015Tan Min Hui Shermyn (Sec 4L) Best Unit Cadet 2015 by HQ 
 April 2015 Unit Overall Proficiency Award 2014 Silver 
 September 2015 Inter-Unit X Challenge Competition
Chiu Yu Xuan (Sec 3B)
Andrea Lock Peiwen (Sec 3G)
Lim Hai Shan (Sec 3C)
Kuei Yu Fei (Sec 3C)
Sim Chin Yee (Sec 3G) 
Top 5 Positions in the finals 
 April 2016 Koh Shao Ning Gladys (Sec 4A)
Sim Chin Yee (Sec 4G) 
 April 2016 Nichole Khoo Qi Ying (Sec 4G) Best Unit Cadet Award 
 October 2016 Area 10 Games Day 2016
Human 3 'T'
Lim Huixian (Sec 2D)
Ng Pek Zee Crystal (Sec 2J)
Teo Yu Wen (Sec 2F)
Zhuo Jiaying (Sec 1C)
Phoebe Sing (Sec 1D)
Teh Ru Xin (Sec 1D)
Protect the King
Cai Lifang (Sec 2D)
Gisele Cheong (Sec 2A)
Rachel Valenia Handoko (Sec 2F)
Ng Jing Yu Darrelyn (Sec 1A)
Hannah Cheng Yu-Haan (Sec 1A)
Ho Jia Hui (Sec 1F)
Lim Yanmin Maegan (Sec 1H)
Tan Hui Yan (Sec 2J)
Tong Yu (Sec 2D)
Goh Yu Xuan (Sec 2A)
Licia Loh Jia wen (Sec 1G)
Miranda Huang Min Rui (Sec 1C)
Jesslyn Goh Wee Ling (Sec 1A)
Neo Jie Ning (Sec 1B) 
2nd in Overall Position

3rd in Position

1st in Position

1st in Position