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1972 Anglican High School went single-session in order to provide a more enriching learning programme for its students. (Sec 1 - Pre U)

With the introduction of Junior Colleges, the school's pre-university classes were phased out.

Anglican High School was selected by the Ministry of Education to be one of the nine schools (which were among the best Chinese medium schools) under its Special Assistance Plan. This selection was based on the consistent academic excellence of these schools, the school ethos, and the success of these schools in inculcating traditional values in their students. One of the main aims of the Plan was to help preserve these values and qualities found in the former Chinese medium schools.

圣中凭卓越的成绩、优良的华文传统及严明的纪律,获选为我国 9 所特别辅助中学之一。
Anglican High School was conferred the ' Autonomous School ' status by the Ministry of Education.

A new $13.5 million school upgrading building project was launched with the full support by the Ministry of Education aiming to replace the existing classroom blocks with new facilities to meet the needs and challenges of teaching and learning in the new millennium.

Inauguration of new school building and Anglican Heritage Centre, which are officially opened by the Right Reverend John Chew, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Singapore.

The school is designated the East Zone Centre of Excellence for Sports. The official opening by the Minister of Education, Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam took place on 18th January.


In recognition of the contributions made by our partners-in-education, 8th Aug has been designated as Anglican High School’s Partnership Day. The inaugural Partnership Day was commemorated with a Tree Planting Ceremony.

The Indoor Sports Hall was officially opened on 27th March by ex-principal Mr Wang Mei Hsiong.

As East Zone Centre of Excellence for Sports, Anglican High School was the venue partner for the FIBA 33 (Basketball) in the Asian Youth Games from 1st to 4th July. Representatives from a total of 23 participating countries competed in the games in the newly established Indoor Sports Hall in the school. 123 students and 12 school staff were trained as volunteers to support this event. During the official opening of the games, members from the different sports groups of the school put up a sports performance entitled “Sports Spectacular”, in the presence of Mr Teo Ser Luck (Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Community Development, Youth and Sports, and Transport) and Mr Masagos Zulkifli Bin Masagos Mohamad (Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education & Ministry of Home Affairs), amongst many other guests. Furthermore, the entire school staff and students lent their support to the event both as spectators as well as cheering for the participating teams.

2011 SOARING AS ONE- 55th Emerald Celebrations of School Excellence
Anglican High School celebrated its 55 years of legacy in nurturing future leaders who are honourable and of fine character. It was a year to remember the school’s heritage and achievements, to appreciate the present and to forge ahead for greater heights. In memory of the former Principal, Mr Moo Soon Chong’s efforts in nurturing student leaders, the Moo Soon Chong Student Leadership Awards was mooted to recognise exemplary student leaders for their impactful contributions to the school and community and to serve as an inspiration to their peers. . Our alumnus, Dr Stephen Riady, made a donation of $200,000 to the AHS Alumni Association to fund these awards.

齐心翱翔- 第五十五周年卓越学校翡翠庆典

2012 Development of A Progressive 21Century Competencies Curriculum
Anglican Critical Thinking Skills (ACTS) Curriculum

The ACTS Curriculum was designed by the school to develop critical thinking skills and inculcate intellectual virtues in all students. This progressive curriculum infuses the explicit teaching of critical thinking in the various disciplines, with students’ purposeful reflections and the application of these skills through ‘AHS CARES’ Value-In-Action projects in nurturing thoughtful thinkers.



Parallel Curriculum

To cater to the learning needs of the high-progress AHS students and to inspire passion for learning, the Parallel Curriculum was introduced lower secondary as part of AHS Talent Development Programme. It is a differentiated curriculum designed thoughtfully by teachers, where students learn and apply knowledge in a connected, relevant and meaningful manner through the 4 Dimensions of Core Curriculum, Curriculum of Connections, Curriculum of Practice and Curriculum of Identity.


Dynamic Science
The Dynamic Science programme, another AHS curriculum innovation, was also developed by the school to enrich students’ learning in Science by linking Science concepts to real life applications and research work. Vertical Farming Hydroponics and In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) were modules developed and introduced to the lower secondary cohorts to address urban issues and to stretch students’ learning.


I Gain New Insights Through Electives (IGNITE)
The IGNITE programme was introduced as part of AHS Talent Development Programme to stretch students’ potential and provide them with opportunities to discover their interests beyond the classroom. Students can select from an array of elective modules such Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Animation, Aviation and Medicinal Chemistry, to name a few.


2012 Champs Advocates & Very Caring Parents
Recognising the importance of parents as the key stakeholders, every parent in the school is a member of the parent support group (PSG). The PSG had a re-organisation in structure and there are two groups of parents namely the ‘CHAMPS Advocates’ who support the total curriculum of the school through their expertise, resources and ideas and the other group called the ‘Very Caring Parents’ who unites and rally the parents through organisation of parenting workshops and family bonding activities via FamilyMatters@AHS.

我校深知父母作为“伙伴”的重要性,每一位在籍学生的家长都是家长会(PSG)的成员。家长会重新组织分为2组,一组名为“CHAMPS Advocates”的小组,配合他们的专业技术、资源和理念辅以学校的课程。另一名为“Very Caring Parents”则在FamilyMatters@AHS之中组织亲子工作坊促进家庭凝聚力等的活动。

Young Alumni
The school values the continued ties, support and role modelling by the alumni who had been successful in their educational pursuits and careers. With the aim of growing the Alumni Association from strength to strength, the school set up another wing called the ‘Young Alumni’ to foster even closer ties with the school. This latter group will be the recent batches of students who have graduated from the school and are still pursuing their post-secondary or tertiary education.

学校支持不论是在教育或职业上追求成功的校友,因为他们对学校的支持发挥了联系和典范的角色。 为了壮大现有的校友会,学校设立了青年校友会,加强与学校更紧密的联系。这个青年校友会主要针对那些刚离开学校,仍然在追求大专或大学教育的学生。

Teachers As Leaders Of Learning
After cycles of action research studies into effective teaching pedagogies, AHS teachers, as leaders of learning, were confident to share the findings of their lesson study projects with the teaching fraternity at national level. The inaugural biennial AHS National Symposium, with the theme “Assessment at the Heart of Learning”, to share AHS’ action research projects was organised with resounding success as more than 600 teachers, MOE HQ staff and NIE staff attended. The 2015 AHS National Symposium on “Teaching Thinking to 21st Century Learners” in 2015 with concurrent hands-on workshops received very positive feedback from the participating educators from MOE HQ, primary, secondary and junior colleges.

经过几轮的教学行动研究后,圣公会中学的教师带着学习带领者/带头人的愿景与信心和教学联谊会在全国分享他们的课例研究项目。 首届圣公会中学全国研讨会的主题是“评估是学习的关键”。在研讨会中来自新加坡不同学校和机构如教育部和新加坡南洋理工大学国立教育学院的600多名教育工作者参与。这个研讨会取得了巨大的成功。 在2015年举办的第二次研讨会“如何教导21世纪学习者“也是同样深受欢迎。

Nurturing Anglican High School Scholars
The School Management Board in its efforts to inspire students to be role models in their pursuit of holistic development with academic excellence and exemplary character, initiated the Anglican High School Management Board (AHSMB) Scholarships. The AHSMB Scholarship was offered to outstanding Primary 6 students who wish to pursue their 'O' level education in Anglican High School and capped at 5% of the school’s Secondary 1 enrolment, renewable on a yearly basis. AHSMB scholars will undergo a robust scholarship programme that seeks to further challenge them in their development as well-rounded individuals who excel in their studies and also possess a strong resume on their leadership, community service and other co-curricular involvement; confident and discerning individuals who are knowledgeable about geopolitical issues and can conduct themselves well in any situation; and committed individuals who have a strong sense of dedication and sharing towards the school, community and nation.

学校董事会在全面教育的追求下,为了激发学生取得卓越的学术成绩并成为典范和优秀的榜样,推出圣公会中学董事会奖学金。 该奖学金的推出,为优秀的小六学生在圣公会中学就读提供奖学金。这个奖学金将让5%的中一学生受惠,符合标准的获奖学生每年都会更新。学校将奖进一步挑战学金得主,全面发展他们在学业、领导能力、 社区服务和其他课外参。学校将竭力发展他们成为自信的人,能够深入了解地缘政治问题,也拥有向学校,社会和国家的奉献精神。
Singapore Youth Olympic Festival (SYOF)
As the East Zone Centre of Excellence for Sports, AHS partners Singapore Olympic Foundation (SOF) in organising its Singapore Youth Olympic Festival which was very well-participated by sporting talents from schools in Singapore. The Guest of Honour for the SYOF opening ceremony was Mr Ng Ser Miang, Chairman of SOF.


Breakthrough In One Accord
A bountiful year of blessings as the school achieved MOE’s highest accolade, the School Distinction Award and all five Best Practices in Teaching and Learning, Character and Citizenship Education, Student All-Round Development, Partnership, and Staff Well-Being and Development, besides the Innergy Awards and the Sustained Achievement Awards (SAA)for Sports, Aesthetics and Uniformed Groups. AHS was also awarded SPRING’s Singapore Quality Class and People Developer Standard; Singapore Environment Council’s School Green Awards (Lotus and 3R Gold); and National Arts Council’s National Arts Education (Blaze) Award, affirming the school’s organisational excellence in providing AHS’ unique brand of progressive holistic education.With the school’s superb work in nurturing the whole child, Anglican High School was reaffirmed its autonomous status.



Forging AHS Partners In Education
With the belief that external local and global partners can add to the richness to AHS total curriculum and provide the expertise for authentic and relevant 21st century education, the school strengthens its partners in education through 4 education pillars of (i) Science Research and Technology Education, (ii) Glocal Perspectives Education, (iii) Arts, Humanities & Sports Education and (iv) Environmental and Sustainability Education. Besides the PSG, CHAMPS Advocates, Alumni Association and Young Alumni, the school had established ties with local and global partners. Local partners include SUTD, NParks, PUB, NIE, NEA, Simei Centre, Anglican Community Services and Fengshan Community, just to name a few. Global partners include schools in various parts of China such as Beijing, Suzhou, Shanghai, Hebei and countries such as Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia and Thailand.

学校坚信与本地和全球伙伴合作可以添加圣公会中学课程的丰富性,并提供21世纪技能相关的知识。学校通过教育的四大支柱加强了与教育伙伴的合作:(i)科学研究和技术教育,(ii)全球本土化观点教育,(iii)体育、艺术与人文教育,(iv)环境和可持续发展教育。 除了家长会,CHAMP的项目,校友会和青友会外,学校已与本地和全球的合作伙伴建立联系。本地的合作伙伴包括新加坡科技设计大学;国家公园局;公用事业局;新加坡南洋理工大学国立教育学院;新加坡国家环境局;四美关怀中心;圣公会社区服务和凤山社区服务等。全球合作伙伴将包括坐落在中国各地的学校,如北京;苏州;上海;河北和不同国家,如香港;澳大利亚;马来西亚和泰国。

Sports Scholarship
The Sports Scholarship is initiated to recognise primary 6 sports talents who would like to join the school. A special sports programme is customized to develop these sports talents in their pursuit of excellence in the respective niches.