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Secondary One Registration

Congratulations! Your child/ward has been posted to Anglican High School. We look forward to partnering you as we embark on your child's/ward’s secondary education journey together.

The Secondary One Registration process is entirely online. Please do NOT come to the school personally for registration.

Please visit the AHS Sec One Registration site at https://sites.google.com/a/ahs.edu.sg/sec-1-registration-2020/home for information pertaining to Secondary One Registration.


Thank you.

Appeal for School Transfer (Primary 6 Students)

Primary 6 students who are not posted to Anglican High School (AHS) may appeal to be considered for transfer to AHS via the AHS Appeal Form here. These students appealing for admission to AHS at Secondary 1 in 2021 have to meet the school’s cut-off points (COP).

(*Note: Students admitted to a school through the DSA-Sec Exercise will not be allowed to transfer to another school after the release of the PSLE results. They are expected to honour the commitment to the posted DSA school for the duration of the programme admitted to.)

Application period
The application period is from the day of release of Secondary 1 Posting results to 28 December 2020, 1700 hours.
Only shortlisted applicants will be informed.

For clarification
Should you have any queries, please email us at Sec1Posting@ahs.edu.sg or contact the General Office at Tel: 6241 4866 during office hours
Thank you.

Sec 1 Posting

Dear Parents,
If you have any questions regarding Sec 1 Posting and related matters, please email to Sec1Posting@ahs.edu.sg


Join us for our e-Open House! View our 3D virtual galleries, interact with Student Guides as they bring you around AHS and find out more about AHS through our live Q&A.

Precautionary Measure to manage spread of COVID-19

Dear Parents / Guardians,

As school re-opens on 29 Jan 2020, MOE will be enhancing precautionary measures, including daily temperature taking, to ensure that our schools remain a safe and healthy learning environment.

Please ensure your child brings an Oral Digital Thermometer to school from 29 Jan onwards. 

While teachers actively look out for students’ well-being, please ensure your child practises good personal hygiene and social responsibility. You should take your child to the doctor if he/she is unwell and we would appreciate it that you keep your child at home until he/she recovers.  

If your child has returned from mainland China on 15 Jan or later, he/she will be placed on Leave of Absence (LOA) for a period of 14 days, starting from the first day after return. For example, if your child returns to Singapore on 28 Jan (Tue), the LOA would last from 29 Jan to 11 Feb, with the date of return to school being 12 Feb (Wed).  Students on LOA will be supported by home-based learning assigned by the school.  If you have any queries on LOA, you can call the school office at 62414866.

For updates on the coronavirus situation, you can visit moh.gov.sg or sign up at go.gov.sg/whatsapp to receive the latest information via Whatsapp. We will keep you updated on school measures and education related notifications.

To further enhance protection of our school students and staff against the 2019 Novel Coronavirus infection, the school will be taking additional precautionary measures to minimise congregation of students in large numbers. These measures will be effective from 5 February 2020.

  • Large group and communal activities such as assemblies, camps and mass celebrations will be suspended
  • Recess times will be staggered
  • Visitors who are unwell or have recently travelled to mainland china will not be allowed to enter our school campus.
  • CCAs and after-school programmes such as LSP and SSS will continue to be conducted in small groups.
  • All national schools’ games will continue as planned. However there will be no spectators allowed at all NSG venues until further notice.

These additional measures will allow the school  to mitigate the potential risks posed when students gather in large numbers, while enabling schools and preschools to continue with a majority of their usual learning and activities.

Let us , together as an AHS family, do our part to ensure that our school remains a safe and healthy learning environment for all. It is important to ensure that we practise good personal hygiene, be socially responsible and always look out for and support one another. If your child is unwell, he/she should see the doctor promptly, and should remain at home until he/she recovers fully. Students who are on MC will be sent home.  

We will continue to monitor the situation closely, and will implement further measures should the situation escalate.


  1. Maintain good personal hygiene, including hand washing with soap and water or use of alcohol-based hand rub.
  2. Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing.
  3. Maintain good indoor ventilation.
  4. Avoid sharing food, crockery, utensils and other personal hygiene items like toothbrushes and towels.
  5. Monitor yourself for fever (e.g. fever  38°C) and respiratory symptoms such as cough and breathlessness.
  6. If you develop fever, cough or breathlessness, or are feeling unwell, seek medical attention immediately at any outpatient clinic. Please inform the staff and doctor of your travel history. Wear a surgical mask outside home and avoid taking public transport.