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Principal’s Message

Our Students, Our Future
Anglican High School will be celebrating 65 years of excellence and the legacy in nurturing future leaders who are honourable and of fine character in 2021. Our strong heritage as an SAP school, mission institution of learning, strong alumni partnership, and rich bi-cultural heritage enable us to inculcate in our students a strong sense of pride in the school culture and ethos.

Many of our alumni have been very successful in their educational pursuits and careers.  I am extremely grateful for their continued ties and strong support for their alma mater, as they perform as positive role-models for our students. As our alumni make inroads in their contributions to society as compassionate servant leaders, it is our wish that every child who passes through our gates be inspired to soar and realise their potential: becoming future-ready citizens, conscious of their responsibilities to family, community and country.

Nurturing the Leader in each AHS Student
We are privileged and encouraged that each year, we continue to receive and groom talented students to be tenacious fighters who exhibit the AHS spirit of indomitability. Every opportunity is seized to help our students grow and see possibilities in circumstances that would nurture them to be well-balanced individuals, equipped with the necessary skills to see them through life and maximise their potential.

It is with this in mind that we carried out a re-visioning process. We engaged our staff, parents, alumni and school management committee.  From scanning of current and future trends, and the profile and strengths of our students, we concluded that we have entered the next phase of growth, where ‘Every AHS Student A Leader – Leading Honourably , Learning for Life, and Creating Value for Others.  We believe our students will be leaders in whichever fields of career they choose.  As a leader, we want them to have an honourable character in the way they lead others, to have an attitude of learning so that they will continue to lead others to learn, and finally an aspiration to create value for others, and thus making a difference to their community and our country.

Moving Towards Customised, Progressive, Holistic Learning

Many things are changing around us rapidly. We live in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world today, as witnessed from the impacts of COVID-19.  Crises create opportunities.  The fast pace of technological advancements in all aspects of our lives today means that we can tap on technology for customised and progressive learning. I am happy to share that we have had experience in engaging students’ learning using 1:1 digital devices since 2018.  We will be in good position for the implementation of Personalised Digital Learning Programme (PDLP) in 2021.  We envision our students to learn with technology and to learn technology to solve problems.

Technology is simply a tool for learning and problem-solving.  It is the mind that uses it.  My teachers and I are committed to equipping our students with critical and creative thinking skills through the Anglican Critical Thinking Skill (ACTS) and Design Thinking.  With these skills in thinking and technology, our students will be effective in creating value for others, thereby benefitting the community.  

Fundamentally, a well-balanced education is essential.  We endeavour to provide many platforms for students to demonstrate their leadership, character, passion for learning and love for the community. Opportunities will be created for students to pursue their interests and at the same time give back to the community. This will fulfil our aim of nurturing compassionate servant leaders and providing an environment conducive to our students acquiring the values of holiness, righteousness, respect, loyalty, responsibility and perseverance.

AHS students have proven that they have the enthusiasm, energy and verve to follow that rainbow and the talents and skills to ride the waves of the future.

Mr Khoo Tse Horng

Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.”