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Emergency Evacuation Procedures


  • The evacuation procedure is only activated in times of emergency, for example fire. Activation will be in the form of an alarm.
  • Every level in the school has an assigned Evacuation Route (ER) to the Assembly Point.

Evacuation Routes

  • The Evacuation Routes are used to facilitate the movement of the school population from the respective venues to the Assembly Point in a quick and orderly manner.
  • No one is to deviate from the assigned Evacuation Routes unless instructed by the teacher or if that particular route has become hazardous.
  • Students must participate in the evacuation drill seriously and be familiar with the Evacuation Route.

The Alarm

The alarm would be any of the following:
  1. Continuous ringing of the school bell
  2. Announcement through the PA system
  3. Siren from the loud hailer


When the Alarm is Activated
  • Everyone is to stop work and be alert.
  • Students are to leave their books and belongings behind, except their valuables (wallet/mobile phone), and line up orderly in twos outside their rooms as quickly as possible.
  • Switch off all lights and fans. Ensure all gas outlets, electrical appliances and machines are to be switched off in the science laboratories, iSCoRe workshops and kitchens. Draw all curtains to the sides. Ensure all classroom doors are open.
  • Students are to remain calm and obey instructions given by the teachers.
  • Upon instructions, students are to proceed to the Assembly Point in an orderly manner using the assigned Evacuation Route. (The assigned Evacuation Route can be found on the Evacuation Chart in the classrooms.)
At the Assembly Point
  • Students are to line up according to the class register order as quickly as possible.
  • Class Leaders are to assist the Form Teachers in attendance taking to account for all students.
  • Student Councillors and Class Leaders are to help maintain discipline at the assembly area.
  • Form Teachers will report the attendance and any missing person to the respective Year Heads.

Note: Students are reminded to scan in for their attendance when they report to school
every morning. This will aid in tracking their attendance during emergency.