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English Language & Literature

To learn for life and create value for others, leveraging English Language and Literature competencies to connect with cultural experiences of the world

To develop empathetic communicators, discerning readers and creative inquirers of English Language and Literature

Subjects Offered:
Lower SecondaryEnglish Language, English Literature
Upper Secondary
English Language, English Literature (Core), English Literature (Elective)

Key Programmes:
Name of Key ProgrammeLevelDescription
Newsfeed and Storyfeed
All levelsSchool-wide platform for students to develop and communicate varied perspectives on global and local contemporary issues
Literary Appreciation
All levelsLearning journeys and theatrical experiences to cultivate deeper understandings of literary craft
Hear My Views Sec 1 - 3 Class-based student forum that seeks to develop confident communicators and perspective-taking
Oral Communication Workshops Sec 1 - 3 Suite of learning opportunities that aim to develop confident and clear articulation in public speaking, broadcasting, and debating
Drama-based Learning for Literature Sec 2Experiential learning experience that deepens literary understanding through firsthand performance
‘Falcon’ publication Talent DevelopmentSchool publication that provides opportunities for students to showcase their writing skills, for the uplifting of school community and stakeholders
Creative Writing Talent DevelopmentTalent development programme comprising diverse enrichment opportunities that deepen students’ mastery of language and literary skills, as well as critical and inventive thinking
Student Journalism Talent DevelopmentTalent development programme that challenges students to further their mastery and application of multimodal language to create value for others
Studio Arden Talent DevelopmentSchool-wide broadcasting programme that nurtures critical and confident communicators who are well-versed in global and local contemporary issues

"I see the teaching of the English Language as a vehicle to empower my students to make social change. I wish to leave behind students with a heart for society, the downtrodden, marginalized, and those who fall through the cracks. What I can do as an individual is minuscule compared to the impact that a whole transformed generation can make."
- Ms Cheryl Tan Jie Ning, Teacher (English)

"Teaching has to evolve continually. This novelty brings joy to the classroom and keeps monotony at bay. English is replete with inconsistencies and irregularities. Yet these only add to the beauty of the language. Teaching English has filled my entire life with purpose and love that has only multiplied over time."
- Mrs. Jamuna Mohan Teacher (English)