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To learn for life and create value for others, leveraging on a holistic humanities experience to develop an inquiring mindset for the 21st Century.

To nurture humanities learners who are concerned global citizens who are curious thinkers and self-directed learners.

Subjects Offered:
Lower SecondaryHistory, Geography
Upper Secondary
Core History, Core Geography,
Combined Humanities (Social Studies, History Elective, Geography Elective, Literature Elective)

Key Programmes:
Name of Key ProgrammeLevelDescription
Historical Investigation
Sec 1 - 3 
HI is a form of historical inquiry where students work in groups to investigate a historical issue. Students will examine and understand the HI question, gather, select and examine sources, construct their responses to the HI question, as well as communicate their findings.
Historical Investigations give students the opportunity to appreciate real-world application of historical knowledge and skills while helping them to acquire 21st CCs.
Geographical Investigation
Sec 1 - 2GI is a form of geographical inquiry where students investigate a geographical issue. Students will analyse the GI question and plan their research, gather and select data, analyse data and construct their geographical interpretations, as well as evaluate and communicate their findings in the process. Each GI presents new learning dimensions of the geographical issue that students have studied in class. With fieldwork as its key feature, GIs will give students opportunities to appreciate the real-world application of geographical knowledge and skills as well as help them to acquire 21st Century Competencies.
Upper Secondary Geographical InvestigationSec 3 - 4 Upper Secondary GI allows students to carry out a more student-directed geographical inquiry, and participate in fieldwork, as students are required to go beyond the classroom to actively look for and gather data to address the inquiry;
• apply and transfer what they have learnt from their geography lessons to a real world context;
• be assessed more holistically in terms of a wider range of geographical skills; and
• develop the skills and attitudes to work individually and collaboratively in groups as students are required to complete both individual and group components.
Social Studies Issues InvestigationSec 3 Using the ACTSperience Framework:
 - anchored on the Social Studies Inquiry Process
- incorporates the ACTS framework to guide students through questions to facilitate the thinking process.
- Includes Design Thinking processes in the different stages of the inquiry process
 - Includes a “Creating Value for Others” stage – to enable students to demonstrate knowledge, skills and values after going through the inquiry process
Humanities Talent ProgrammeAll levelsThe Humanities Talent Programme allows students to deepen their understanding and appreciation for history. This involves a series of activities that are planned to broaden students’ perspectives and allow them to come to a deeper understanding of the disciplines of history, geography and social studies. Students will also be given opportunities to participate in various national level competitions and lead and organize activities in Singapore.

I hope that students who learn Geography with me do not just get the knowledge and skills the discipline provides but also the sense of responsibility and call for action for the world and its people in need. - Ms Nuha Yumn Eilyaas, Subject Head (Geography)

I find it very edifying when students realise from the study of history that they too have their part to play in this great story of the human race. It gives me great pride and joy when some students realise that they too, can make a difference now.
- Mr Daryl Tan Yong Leng, Head of Department (Humanities)