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Innovative Thinker. Self-Directed Learner. Collaborative Researcher

Launched in January 2013, iSCoRe Programme is a curriculum innovation of Food & Consumer Education and Design & Technology subjects to focus on the 21st Century Competencies, such as communication, collaboration and information literacy skills. During this two-year programme, the key pedagogy used is Design Thinking. Lessons are structured with many opportunities for students to understand different perspectives via empathy research, to think creatively, direct their own learning through research projects, and collaborate with others.

Where compassion and imagination turn into innovation

To prepare students to be innovative, self-directed critical thinkers and collaborative researchers
To develop confident and creative youths who are equipped and ready to contribute to school and community

Subjects Offered:
Lower Secondaryi-SCoRe

Key Programmes:
Name of Key ProgrammeLevelDescription
Packaging Redesign
Sec 1Using the Design Thinking approach, students work in teams to redesign a food packaging to address consumers' needs. The project ends with a pitch, where each group presents their innovative packaging to the class.
Sec 1Students learn about food, nutrition and healthy food preparation through an experiential task. Students apply the principle of Design Thinking to plan and prepare a healthy and appetising meal suitable for a person with a diet-related condition, such as diabetes and hypertension.
Kickstarter@AHSSec 2Leveraging on new technologies such as 3D printing and coding, students embark on a Design Thinking project to create prototypes to serve the needs of a specified groups of people. Students would then generate interest in their product by marketing it in a Kickstarter competition.