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Malay Language


To be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to better understand and effectively engage our neighbours so as to seize opportunities available in the region.

To develop language skills to converse and engage with other races in Singapore’s multi-racial society.

Subjects Offered:
Lower SecondaryConversational Malay
Upper SecondaryMalay (Special Programme)

Key Programmes:
Name of Key ProgrammeLevelDescription
Post-Exam Activity:
Cultural Enrichment Programme
Sec 2Secondary Two students are exposed to elements of the Malay culture which are topics covered in the Conversational Malay syllabus. Students would play the Kompang (a handheld drum commonly used in wedding festivities), paint on a pre-waxed cloth with Batik designs and try the basic techniques of Silat (martial arts practised in Malay archipelago).
Twinning Programme with Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar (English) College (MSAB), Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Sec 3 students in M(SP)
Secondary Three students in the Malay Special Programme (MSP) have the privilege to experience the culture and classroom setting of our twinning school in Johor, Malaysia. Students are immersed in the classroom setting at MSAB to experience how lessons are conducted and converse in Malay language with their buddies.