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All AHS students to be critical thinkers and competent problem solvers who appreciate how Mathematics is applied in the real world

To develop competent problem solvers with an understanding of how mathematics is used in the real world. We achieve our objectives through effective professional development, quality teaching and learning. We provide a differentiated academic curriculum within a learner-centred environment whilst harnessing the strengths of ICT and curriculum innovations.

Subjects Offered:
Lower SecondaryMathematics
Upper Secondary
Mathematics and Additional Mathematics

Key Programmes:
Name of Key ProgrammeLevelDescription
Singapore Mathematical Olympiad
Sec 1 - 2Lower secondary students are trained for the SMO. It provides an opportunity for Math talents to delve deeper into mathematical concepts.
Mathematical Modelling for Authenticity in Learning
Sec 3 - 4Selected students represent the school in the International Math Modelling Competition.

Success only comes when you persevere. Seeing a struggling Math student suddenly experience an "a-ha!" moment, and from then on, go whole heartedly into tackling one problem after another, that's my pride and joy. - Mr Martin Yong, Subject Head (Student Leadership/Student Management)