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Physical Education


Every AHS Student a Leader who embraces healthy living

To develop positive and compassionate team players as well as leaders who lead healthy lifestyle and are physically fit

Subjects Offered:
Lower SecondaryGames, Physical and Health, Outdoor Education
Upper SecondaryGames, Physical and Health, Sports Enrichment

Key Programmes:
Name of Key ProgrammeLevelDescription
Inter-Class Competition
All levelsStudents will represent their classes to compete in modified Netball, Badminton and Table Tennis
Cross Country RunAll levelsStudents will compete in the annual cross-country run
Sport EnrichmentSec 3Students will learn Wushu
Sport Enrichment Sec 4 Students will learn Diabolo 

Sports is a great way for people to build resilience in themselves and push boundaries they never thought they can achieve. I often tell my classes to pursue sports that they really enjoy doing and that they will keep on doing it for life.
- Mr William Tong, Head of Department (PE & CCA)