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Lower Secondary Music Syllabus (a 2-year course for Lower Secondary students only)

(A) Objectives:

The lower secondary music syllabus aims to nurture student talent and interest in a musically-enriched and vibrant environment which is interesting to all levels of proficiency.  Students are encouraged to create and compose with various instruments ranging from household objects to electronic keyboards and computers. Apart from fostering team-working skills, making music together allows the students to develop a lifelong love and appreciation for all kinds of music.

(B) Topics taught include:

  • Instruments of the Orchestra
  • Appreciation of Classical Music
  • Music of our Region
  • Singing and Keyboard skills
  • Paper and Digital Music Composition

'O' Level Music Course
(a 2-year course for Upper Secondary students only)

(A) Objectives:

The ‘O’ Level Music programme aims to further develop students’ musical talents in more focused areas of music, namely in music theory and analysis, composition, and performance. They are exposed to many different types of musical performances and cultures, and are given many opportunities to perform on their chosen musical instrument, both in and out of school. The music programme also aims to expand student interest beyond the classroom into making music a personal enjoyment, passion and habit for each student.

(B) 'O' Level Music Camp

The school also holds an annual 'O' Level Music Camp for students in the East Zone, so as to enable students to network across schools. The 2-day camp focuses on refining composing, performing and analytical skills which are essential to the 'O' Level Music Programme.

(C) Topics covered during the 2-year course include:

  • Listening
  • Harmony and Analysis
  • Performing

  • Study of Music from the Western Tradition
  • Study of Music around the World

(D) Criteria for Enrolment:

A Pass in:
  • Practical Grade 5
  • Theory/Practical Musicianship Grade 5 of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) or the equivalent
An overall percentage of 70% and above if candidates want to take Higher Music.

Note: Students without the above qualifications need to go through an interview and an audition with the music teacher.