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To be Bicultural Scholars whose competencies in English Language and Literature act as a bridge to understanding and connecting with different cultures and experiences of the world. 


To develop competent and confident users of English Language in speech, writing and representing to nurture thinkers who can engage with the community and world at large.

Overview & Subjects

The aims of the English Language and Literature Syllabuses are:

  • To enable students to discover the joys of reading literary texts and become aware of new ways of perceiving the world around them
  • To develop students to be competent and confident users of the English Language in both speech and writing through quality teaching, effective instructional and co-curricular programmes and exposure to different platforms of expression e.g. StudioArden, oratorical competitions
  • To develop students into independent readers who engage personally with a variety of texts and draw connections between self, texts and the world in order to develop intellectual, emotional, socio-cultural and global awareness
  • To develop students’ interpretive, analytical and critical skills as well as linguistic competence
  • To nurture their empathy and sensitivity to, and concern for, fellowmen and contribute to the development of the values desirable for living in a multi-racial and multi-cultural world


School-based Enrichment & Competitions
Event Target Level
Mass Integrated Reading Programme All levels
  • To cultivate global and local awareness
  • To be exposed to a variety of text types and forms
  • To critically think through and respond to global and local issues
Writing Workshops/Competitions All levels
  • To stretch talents in writing
  • To provide opportunities to write creative stories and express oneself in a variety of text types and styles
Oral Communication Workshops/ Oratorical Competitions (public speaking, broadcasting, debates) All levels
  • To promote confidence in public speaking and provide opportunities to express views in front of an audience
Falcon: writing for publications All levels (Selected students)
  • To provide opportunities for writers to showcase their creative efforts in writing for various purposes and audiences
Literary Appreciation All levels
  • To promote interest in literary works through learning journeys or theatrical performances
Studio Arden All levels 
  • To enhance the learning of 21CC, in particular information and communication skills, global awareness, cross-cultural skills, critical and inventive thinking
  • To allow for a platform for students to express themselves for particular purposes and to specific audiences
University of New South Wales International Competitions (Reading) Sec 1- Sec 3
  • To allow students to compete on an international level and raise their awareness of global linguistic attainment levels
English Language Week All levels 
  • To enthuse students about the English language and to use it for creative and functional purposes 
Bridging Programme: Enrichment classes to supplement skills taught in the formal curriculum Sec 3- Sec 4
International Scholars 
  • To enhance students' speaking and writing skills in specific focus areas