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AHS students, as Bicultural Scholars, will be competent problem solvers who appreciate how Mathematics is applied in the real world.


To develop AHS students into competent problem solvers with an understanding of how mathematics is used in the real world through quality teaching and learning, including the provision of learning experiences that engages the students and allows them to see the application of Mathematics.

The Mathematics department aims to enhance the cognitive abilities of students through providing a differentiated academic curriculum and a learner-centred environment by harnessing the strengths of ICT and curriculum innovations.

The Department comprises 15 teachers, offering Mathematics and Additional Mathematics along with enrichment activities to maximise the potential of students.


All Lower Secondary students take Mathematics.  All Upper Secondary students can offer Additional Mathematics and Mathematics at ‘O’ Level.


The department believes that every student is unique and seeks to maximise the cognitive abilities of students through many enrichment programs and curriculum innovations.

Curriculum Innovations:
Secondary One
Parallel Curriculum Program

Secondary Two
Mathematical Modelling for Authenticity in Learning

Secondary Three
Interdisciplinary GEMS field trip to inculcate 21st Century and ICT competencies.

All levels
Mathematics and Sciences Week

Enrichment Programs:
24/7 Online self-paced learning via HeyMath and MCOnline; an online learning portal.

Experiential Learning
  • Math and Science Trail
  • GEMS – an Inter-Disciplinary Project

  • American Mathematics Competition
  • Australian Mathematics Competition
  • Singapore Mathematical Olympiad
  • Inter-School Sudoku Challenge