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Physical Education



To be an Accomplished Achiever and Honourable Leader through Physical Education.


To develop positive and compassionate team players as well as leaders who lead healthy lifestyle and are physically fit.

Rationale and Approach

Physical well-being is one of the key components in the development of the child. A healthy body supports a healthy mind. This is in line with the school’s goals of providing a holistic development for a child. It is also in line with the government’s promotion of healthy living and ruggedness.

The Physical Education department consistently adopts the following approaches:
To educate the importance of regular exercise and healthy lifestyle through the learning of different games
  • To provide an objective physical health assessment for students in all levels
  • To enrich students through sports enrichment programs
  • To provide opportunities for leadership training as a form of holistic character development


The school has good sports and training facilities to complement our PE programmes. These facilities enable students to develop their four domains, namely, physical, social, cognitive and psychomotor.


Modified Sports Games
  • Learn and develop basic sports skills related to the modified games
  • Understand and appreciate the different games concepts


  • Monitoring of Body Mass Index (BMI) throughout the year
  • Sports skills assessed by peers and teachers
  • National Physical Fitness Assessment (NAPFA)
  • Theory modules covered:
(a). FITT principles
(b). Goal setting
(c). Heart rate monitoring
(d). Three energy systems
(e). Injury prevention


  • Fitness and Conditioning
  • Morning Mass Exercise
  • Holistic Health Week
  • Inter-class Games
  • Mini-Olympics
  • Sports Enrichment Progra