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Student Development & Welfare

We seek to provide a nurturing and challenging environment, conducive for learning. Our objective is help students to become Accomplished-Honourable-Servant Leaders.

Accomplished – Students are accomplished in their niche areas (studies and CCAs) Students are well-balanced, healthy, motivated and competent to take on life’s challenges confidently.

Honourable – Students are young men and women of integrity and honour imbued with christian values, has a social conscience and responsibility and a sense of national identity, loyal to nation.

Servant Leaders – Students are good role models in serving and leading; able to inspire others to try new/untested endeavours.


We CARE for our students
Orientation Programme
Counselling Support

We CONNECT with our students
Dialogue with Principal
"Your Voice Matters" - Student Suggestion Scheme
"Your Deed Matters" - Praise Board for Students

We develop CHARACTER in our students
Leadership Training
Community Involvement
Career Guidance
Lifeskills Lessons

We CARE for our students

Counselling Support
Our school seeks to support students not only in their academic pursuits but also on their journey of growth as a person. We have a full-time counselor, Ms Doreen Lim whom students can approach when faced with problems or concerns. Do feel free to drop a note to full-time counselor at 64483074.

We CONNECT with our students

Dialogue with Principal
The Principal has dialogue with every level once a year. Concerns and suggestions on school improvement, student welfare, school programmes and activities are brought up. These are explained, addressed or discussed. The Student Council records notes on every session and these notes are posted on the "Your Voice Matters" Board so that students from other levels know what has been said and discussed during these sessions.

"Your Voice Matters"
The Student Council gives this name to the Student Suggestion Scheme. It reflects the importance of students' ideas and suggestions. We take students' suggestions seriously in AHS. Many of our students' suggestions are either implemented partially (their ideas are built upon) or fully. Students' suggestions are reviewed monthly. Suggestions and responses are posted on the "Your Voice Matters" regularly.

We develop CHARACTER in our students

leadership_1.jpgLeadership Training
Our school is committed to developing our student leaders to be role models in serving and leading by equipping, exposing and empowering them. We give autonomy and ownership to the students and allow the students room for failure in order for the students to have optimal experiential learning.

Class Leaders' training camp.

Values-in-action (VIA)
The VIA programme is designed such that through their four years in Anglican High School, students have the opportunities to interact and serve different groups of people - children with special needs, elderly folks, the sick and people of different races. Besides serving people, students are also given the opportunity to care for the environment through a recycling project and to contribute to the different charitable organisations by raising funds for them.

The VIA programme at AHS goes beyond the shores of Singapore. Overseas service learning projects are based biannually with the added aims of NE and developing a global outlook in our students. Students in these overseas projects usually return with a broadened outlook and a heightened appreciation for Singapore.

Social Emotional Learning and Development
The instructional programme also comprises devotions, Social Emotional Learning Lessons (Civics and Moral Education (CME) lessons + lifeskills lessons +character development lessons) expressions/school assembly and National Education (NE) programmes.

Core values are expounded during devotions. National shared values, social and civic responsibility and commitment to nation are taught in CME and NE programmes. Social Emotional (SE) competencies are taught in character development lessons and lifeskills lessons.

Active participation in CCAs, CIP, class activities and school events provides opportunities for the students to put into practice values and SE competencies they have been taught. We empower our students in their duties and responsibilities. It increases the sense of ownership and the desire to do their best as they feel entrusted. In the process values are internalised and SE competencies enhanced.