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Total Curriculum@AHS

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Photo courtesy of Quek Pin Yi (2011 Alumni)

Guided by the philosophy, `Every Child has Talent, Every Child Can Excel’ AHS looks into students’ well-being to support their holistic development in 6 inter-related CHAMPS domains taking into account Maslow’s motivational theory & Kolb’s experiential learning theory (Fig.1 ).

Kolb Exp Learning Model

  • AHS adopts Kolb’s progressive ELM as it provides the school with direction on tiering and customising our curriculum to meet our students’ needs.

  • The school believes that effective learning is seen when a person progresses through a cycle of 4 stages: of (1) having a concrete experience followed by (2) observation of and reflection on that experience which leads to (3) the formation of abstract concepts and generalisations which are then (4) used to test hypothesis in future situations, resulting in new experiences. As AHS students are of high ability with high aspirations, the school seeks to cater to their well-being through a 21st century holistic curriculum leveraging on innovation and partnerships, designed according to their ability, interests, talents and aspirations to enable them to be future ready, nurturing them to be Bicultural Scholars, Accomplished Achievers and Honourable Leaders.

AHS uses the Treffinger’s model for segmenting student groups and then to customise the curriculum and tailor programmes based on the following levels:

  • Level 1 caters to ALL student groups in the stage ‘Discovering & building’ with the objective to equip foundational skills and tools such as ACTS, the school’s critical thinking model.

  • Level 2 for MANY students ‘Curious and exploring’ with objective of engaging and verifying interests such as the Ignite programme which offers electives taught by the school’s teachers.
    Examples of these electives include Psychology, Medicinal Chemistry and Film History.

  • Level 3 for SOME students in the stage of ‘Enthusiastic and Performing’ with the objective of meeting the needs for alternative opportunities such as national and international competitions.

  • Level 4 for FEW students in the stage of ‘Passionate and Soaring’ with the objective of developing skills par excellence such as the AHSMB Scholars Programme.

For details of programmes, please access the department folders.