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National Day

The National Day celebrations were extra special this year. Despite the pandemic, we managed to bring the whole event into each classroom – not only to keep everyone safe, but also to draw closer together as an AHS family. One moment to remember was the start of the ceremony, when a motorcycle convoy of our own staff escorted our Principals and Vice-Principals into the school. This grand entry earned much appreciation from the teachers and students. The Partnership Day with the Tree Planting ceremony brought home the significance and importance of showing appreciation to our partners and their valuable contributions to the school. Parade Commander, Chung Chee Yan, Denise, from Girl Guides and Parade Sergeant Major, Lim Jing Rong from NCC, led the Colours Party contingent with dignity and confidence. Singing was different this year, but still poignant -The Choir sang ‘We will get there’ in a virtual ensemble, two students sang ‘Home’ in a virtual duet, and the Uniform Groups collaborated with the Secondary 3 ‘O’ Level Music students to perform a special version of the National Anthem as a tribute to those who are helping to bring Singapore through this current crisis. Indeed, as a school, we will get there; together!

“This year’s National Day celebration has taught me how to be more creative and open-minded, as well as how important it is to be resilient in order to get through difficult times.” - Chung Chee Yan, Denise (Class 3G)

“Despite the obstacles posed by social distancing, the activities planned by my classmates and I were super fun and educational! I learnt more about Singapore and I hope for an even better experience next year!” - Koh Kai Xin / 1C