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Student Leaders’ Investiture

Student Leadership in Anglican High School is centred on the philosophy of Servant Leadership. The overarching aim seeks to inspire AHS Student Leaders to have a heart for the community and inspire the people around them to also do good for others. To this end, many programmes are run In the course of the year, targeted at meeting the development needs of students at different stages of their leadership journey.  These include the Student Leaders’ Preparation Programme for the Secondary Two students, and the mentoring of CCA Leaders after they have assumed leadership in their respective CCAs. Guided by the principle of Servant Leadership, AHS Student Councillors and CCA Leaders have embarked on their journey towards serving others so that they may, in turn, be inspired to serve others.  This year, the Student Leaders have indeed made their presence indelibly felt, and contributed immensely to the well-being of their school-mates.

“My tenure as President of the AHS Student Council has provided me with an opportunity to work together with other student leaders to do good for others. It has been a fulfilling experience trying to create an AHS community where everyone can better enjoy their time.” – Marcus Leong, 4D 19’ –

“Serve with your heart, lead with all your might.” – Zoie Lee, 4E 19’