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Teachers’ Day

AHS Teachers' Day Celebration 2019

The AHS Teachers’ Day Celebration held on 5 September, was tied to the theme “Polaris”, which means North Star. It was specifically chosen to remind students of our teachers’ tremendous contribution and guidance in helping us to grow and become Accomplished Achievers. The performance showed the chaos in students’ lives without the guidance of teachers and also portrayed how our teachers would see us through tough times. In the end, we realise teachers, like the stars, have always been there for us.

The Finals of AHS Got Talent was also held during the celebration, and it started the show with a bang. Enticing performances brought to us by our very own talented students wowed the crowd with thrilling performances and melodic voices. Together with Wushu, Dance and English Drama, an energetic and lively concert was presented to our teachers. A special addition to the celebration this year was a heartwarming and entertaining video filmed and edited by Jason Sng (2E) and his crew. The event ended with the video featuring thank-you messages from each class, dedicated to all our teachers.

“This year’s Teachers’ Day celebration has definitely excited students and encouraged them to appreciate our teachers, who have put in their all in guiding us.” - Hannah Goh (2C)