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'C' Division Girls' Basketball Championship

Written by: Abigail Tan Sec 2C

August 28 2014. It was the final game to determine who would seize the National ‘C’ Division Girls’ Basketball Championship. The tournament ended off with a score of 59-37, where Nanyang Girls’ High won over Anglican High and attained the championship title. It was just last year when the Nanyang Girl’s came head-to-head with Anglican High with a score of 44-37 and the latter as champion. 

In the first quarter, Tan Qi Qing (NYGH #12), playing as the ‘centre’ position, and Adeline Wong (NYGH #7) had a fast start by helping the team score a total of 12 points. Qi Qing (NYGH #12) made it hard for Anglican High defenders to stop her from scoring with her height and strength as the upper hand. 

Anglican High had problems with trying to fire the ball into the net as the ball often circled around the rim before falling out. Annabel Chua (AHS #8) and Oon Hui Shan (AHS #9) managed to intercept the opponent’s ball at times and made significant shots for the team. Nanyang Girls’ were leading in the game of a score 14-5 in the first quarter. Anglican High made a strong come back with Carissa Chan (AHS #7) fitting many balls into the net and scoring a total of 12 points. She displayed outstanding skills when driving and weaving through the defenders before her, helping Anglican High’s score climb in the first half of the second quarter.

BB finals-1.jpg
Nanyang Girls’ handled the ball meticulously, attempting to give no chance for Anglican to intercept the ball or proceed ahead for a lay-up. On the other hand, Tan Qi Qing (NYGH #12) prevented Sim See Min (AHS #14) from making under-basket shots with her long slender arms.

BB finals-2.jpg
The girls from Nanyang defended Carissa (AHS #7), stopping her from scoring successfully at times. As a result, Carissa (AHS #7) was only able to score 6 points in the third quarter. On the other hand, Nanyang scored 19 points, giving them a comfortable 12 point lead ahead in the third quarter. 
Adeline Wong (NYGH #7) presented a head start by shooting in a three pointer initially in the final quarter. The girl’s from the both teams had their vigour depleting by the second but they stayed strong and persevered, in terms of their state of mind and physical strength. Carissa Chan (AHS #7) was seen trying to make a come-back for her team with her drives, however the gap between the two scores was too big for her to overcome by herself. 

Nanyang Girls’ clinched the National ‘C’ division basketball Championships eventually, with a score of 59-37. As for Anglican High, they learnt from the game and hope to improve their overall performance next year. As Francis Bacon once said, “A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.”

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