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Community in Bloom Awards

Community in Bloom Awards aims to recognize and reward gardening efforts by the public and private gardening groups and educational institutions. Organized by NParks, it also aims to elevate gardening as a fun and healthy activity. Participating gardens from the different groups and educational institutions are judged by their level of involvement, their garden quality as well as the environment biodiversity. All participants will be given achievement band certificates of Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Incentives in the form of cash and gardening products are given according to the achievement band.

Anglican High School is participating in this competition for the very first time. The submission from our school is in the form of its green house, also known as the NRG. The NRG houses exhibits of hydroponic plants done by Secondary One students and vertical structures of organic soil farming units. Recreational portable vertical structures designed and constructed by Secondary Two students can also be found within the NRG. These structures formed part of the assessment in the topic on Vertical Farming as part of their co-curriculum module known as Dynamic Science. With the theme of environmental sustainability in the context of Vertical Farming, it is an endeavour by the school to inculcate environmental awareness in lower secondary students and to empower them to create innovative solutions to alleviate problems like food sufficiency inevitably induced by an increasing urban population which is further constraint by limited agricultural and living space.
The school has been awarded a Silver Award and we will receive the certificate as well as gardening products worth about $200. The prize-giving ceremony will be held at the Gardens by the Bay on 24th August 2014.