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Cyberwellness Week 2014

The Cyberwellness Awareness Week was held from the 8th to 11th of July 2014. This annual awareness week seeks to anchor students’ well-being in cyberspace based on two main principles “Respect for Self and Others” and “Safe and Responsible Use”. Students will then be able to make careful and well-considered decisions.

Eleven secondary three Infocomm Club students took charge of the whole week’s activities under the guidance of Ms Jessica Ng as part of the criteria to obtain their National Youth Achievement Award (Bronze). Four students, Kyawt Kyawt San 3A, Zhong Shao Jie 3C, Gavin Tan 3B and Tan Li Qing 3J, attended the Cyberwellness Student Ambassador Programme 2014 Conference in April and gained exposure on how to promote cyberwellness to their peers and in the school. After the conference, they led their peers to plan on the activities that they would like to carry out over the Cyberwellness Awareness Week.

The activities held over the week included an Instagram hashtag competition where students pour out their creative juices to create a message or a picture to promote cyberwellness and then post it on Instagram, poster design competition for the secondary one, daily broadcast of cyberwellness messages and quiz during the two refresh breaks and an original media created using an online software that was broadcasted during Thursday’s morning assembly. There were also cyberwellness articles pinned up on the bulletin boards placed in the Concourse and photographs and posters created by students in 2013 shown through the TV screen in the canteen.

Broadcast through Studio Arden
(Marcus Lim 3B and Cheyanne Chua 3J)
Poster designed by Eng Thia Leng 2E (1st Prize 2013)

For CCE lessons, there was a different topic for each level – the secondary one on Dangers of Cyber Contacts, the secondary two on Copyright and Piracy, the secondary three on Videogame Addiction and the secondary four on Media Security. 

On 11th July 2014 (Friday), we invited Mr Stevie from TOUCH Cyberwellness and he gave the school an engaging and hyped-up presentation on “Gaming, Gadgets and Worrying Pressures”. The presentation focused on what gaming addiction really is and how it affects our daily lives and the ways that students can get out of it.