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Hong Kong Trip 2014

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On 22nd June 2014, the Secondary Three student councillors from Anglican High School set off to Hong Kong for an overseas Student Leaders’ Exchange. As part of the Student Leaders' Exchange Programme, the student councillors visited both St. Stephen's Girls' College and St. Paul's College to learn from our two partner schools in Hong Kong.

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At St. Stephen's Girls' College, our partner school students shared about their rich history and their achievements as one of the top girls' school in Hong Kong. The students from their Students' Association (similar to our Student Council) also organised a heritage and cultural trail for our students to get to know Hong Kong better. Our student councillors had great fun and thoroughly enjoyed themselves when they visited different art forms and tried local dim sum at one of the oldest eatery found in the streets of Hong Kong. The interaction between the two groups of student leaders also enabled our students to understand and appreciate what is it like to be a student in Hong Kong and the differences in culture.

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Over at St. Paul's College, our student councillors attended a specially arranged leadership workshop where their teamwork and collaborative skills were put to test. The student leaders brought our councillors out for a VIA activity which was similar to one of our school programme- 'AHS Cares'. During this activity, the two groups of students were briefed in an elderly care centre before visting flats where they gave out necessities and engage the elderly in conversations lasting at least half an hour. Through the meaningful interaction, the students were able to empatise with the elderly and understand the challenges that they are facing. 

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After spending five meaningful days in Hong Kong, our student councillors concluded the Exchange Programme and returned back to Singapore on 26th June 2014.