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Innovation Week 2014

Anglican High School celebrated Innovation Week from 21- 25 July 2014. At Anglican High School, we believe that developing an innovative mindset is important to prepare our students for the future. We also believe that innovations bring about improvement and for innovations to take place, we need to break down our usual way of thinking and provoke the mind to view things from different perspectives. 

The theme for the week was “Change by Design”. Different activities that ‘surprise the mind’ were ‘designed’ to enable everyone to experience and learn something different. The word ‘Design’ is also about Design Thinking, the school-wide approach used for innovation.

A wide range of activities was planned and carried out by the School Innovation Team. During the daily morning assembly, InnoChamps from different classes shared the SMILE (Students’ Mission to Improve Learning Environment) projects they have carried out. These are student-initiated school improvement projects carried out using the Design Thinking process. Examples of implemented projects are the ball-rental service, umbrella rental service, reduction of fruit wastage at the canteen, converting an under-utilised space into a student recreation corner, and a system to improve the queuing situation during recess time. The team that participated in the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals in USA also shared with the school their learning experiences from the trip.

Ball Rental SMILE.JPGImprovement sec 1a CR.JPG
To promote innovation through fun, inter-class innovation games were held during recess. Teams of students had great fun competing against each other to build the tallest tower, make the most creative hat or transport marbles in the most creative and efficient way.
Sec One Innovation Games_Creative Recycled Hat 1B.JPGSec One Innovation Games_Creative Recycled Hat 1D.JPGSec 2 Innovation Games_How tall can the structure go.JPG
To give students the opportunity to experience a different CCA from their usual routine, CCA Experience Day was organised. Prototyped in 2013 with four CCA groups, this has been scaled up to 8 CCAs this year due to the strong positive feedback received.  Sec One and Two members from the participating CCAs can experience a different CCA for one day, participating in the activities organised by the Sec Three members.

As a grand finale to round off the week, Friday assembly progamme was done with a twist! The Innovation and Enterprise (I&E) Club collaborated with the Student Council to launch three ice-cream flavours. These creations – Melon Soy, Cookies and Cream, and Milo – were the result of numerous experimentations with natural sugar replacers, soya milk and stabilisers to make healthy ice-creams that taste good. To grace the launch, we were honoured to invite a successful entrepreneurial alumnus, Dr Jonathan Cheah, who is the Director of Polar Puffs & Cakes and Managing Director of Faesol. Students eagerly queued up for free sampling of the ice-cream. Feedback was good, with many even wanting to fork out cash to buy more after the sampling! Dr Cheah also shared his story and experiences with the students after the launch. Held concurrently was a class innovation activity based on the format of Odyssey of the Mind Spontaneous Problems. Students had loads of fun too, competing against each other to build the tallest tower out of toothpicks, straws and mini marshmallows.
Ice Cream Launch Sampling.JPGIce Cream Launch.JPGLaunch of Ice Cream Creations.JPG
Overall, Innovation Week 2014 was a success and closed on a ‘sweet’ ending of ice-cream and creative fun.