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Instagram iCAN! Contest


The Instagram iCAN! Contest was recently held to provide a platform for students to engage with the desired outcomes of an AHS student in a fun and creative way. Held from 5 to 14 March 2014, a total of 36 posts were received and strong support was demonstrated through the huge number of likes.
The posts were judged according to the creativity of the pose, the quality of the description, and the number of likes. We are proud of the following 5 winners:

Andrea.JPGChing Yee.JPG
Andrea Lock (Sec 2A)                                                 Shin Ching Yee (Sec 2H)

Hui Min.JPGKiren.JPG
Seng Hui Min (Sec 3A)                                                         Kiren Teo (2E)

Soo Min.JPG
Soo Min (Sec 3A)