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Safety Week 2014

Anglican High commemorated Total Defence Day (TDD) 2014 in the week starting from 10th Feb together with the Safety Week. TDD 2014 seeks to convey the message that the security and stability of our nation has been built upon everyone’s efforts. The theme “Because you played a part” is a reaffirmation of the role and contributions of all Singaporeans united through common TD experiences. We are able to enjoy what we have in Singapore today because each of us has played a part, in building this nation, our home. Through the good times and bad, we stood with one another to overcome challenges and celebrate our successes.
Schools commemorate Total Defence Day on 15 February annually to mark Singapore's fall to the Japanese in 1942.  This is the 30th year we commemorate Total Defence. As students, it is important for you to understand the rationale behind Total Defence and know that Total Defence is the cornerstone of Singapore's deterrence strategy. Total Defence is crucial to the continued security, survival and success of the country. 
A list of programmes was  lined up for students:
We started off Monday with SPF Crime Prevention and Road Safety Talk in the morning, followed up with an exhibition in the concourse. From Tuesday to Friday, there was  Community Engagement Programme (CEP) Exhibition at the Concourse area. The exhibition carried information on what the CEP is, who is involved in the CEP, why the CEP is important, and how to get involved. 

For CCE Lessons, there was a different focus for each level. Sec Ones learnt about and practised In Place Protection. Sec Twos learnt and put together a mock-up of an emergency kit. Sec Threes and Fours proposed through their skits how the five pillars of Total Defence can be used  to overcome national threats.
On Friday, we carried out the first Fire Drill exercise of the year. The fire drill reminds us to always be prepared for emergencies. Students should switch off all the lights and fans and proceed to the assembly point quickly and orderly. Do you know that different teachers and some of the students  perform different tasks during a fire drill to help to ensure that everyone is safe?
We ended the week with the assembly programme. Invited speakers from the People’s Association introduced what the Chingay Parade is, how it came about, what values it represents. They also shared with the students how youths  could get involve to contribute to community through Chingay and/ or People's Association.