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Siow Miow Yew Challenge 2014

The Siow Miow Yew Humanities Challenge is an inter-class quiz for every level. Through this challenge, the Humanities Department aims to develop the passion and interest for the Humanities as well as cultivate an inquiring mind. This year, it was conducted during assembly on 21 & 28 February 2014. After much deliberation, the department adopted two themes for this year’s challenge. ‘Revolution’ for the upper secondary level and ‘Water & Energy’ for the lower secondary students were chosen due to their significance and impacts on our lives.  The Chinese and English Literature teachers also contributed challenging questions which students answered as a class.
Each class demonstrated great enthusiasm and worked together as a team to provide responses to the questions. In their pursuit to find the correct answers, students discussed what they know and questioned deeper into the issue which extended their learning. One class from each level was awarded the Top Prize. And for 2014, the Siow Miow Yew Challenge Trophy was presented to Secondary 4C!