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Talent Development & Scholarship Talk

At Anglican High School, we believe in stretching ALL our students cognitively, and build their leadership and personal capacity. Hence, the curriculum of the school is planned to provide an array of programmes which caters to different needs and aspirations.

On Saturday, 11 October 2014, our school held a Talent Development & Scholarship Talk where parents from various primary schools were acquainted with the specially designed school programmes which aim to stretch our students holistically in the areas of Cognitive, Headship, Aesthetics, Moral, Physical, Social.
The talk started with our Principal, Mdm Maureen Lee giving an overview of the various programmes followed by a Q & A session for parents. Booths were also set up where the Primary Six students and parents had the opportunity to interact with AHS students and teachers. Guests also had the chance to view and try out some of the projects done by our students. Student presenters shared their enriching experiences in the respective programmes and answered questions from guests. 

Overall, we received positive feedback from our guests. As the different talents and aspirations of our students are identified and developed, parents can be assured that AHS will provide the best developmental opportunities to the students. We look forward to meeting more Primary 6 students and parents at our Open House on Saturday 22 November 2014. 



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