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It has been a tradition in Anglican High School to Start It Well for the year by having Camp Engage activities for all 4 levels during the first few days of school. There were no formal lessons and all students will be involved in their level activities with their Form Teachers accompanying them. This is a good time for them to know their new classmates and teachers better through an informal setting. 

The Secondary One students went through an Orientation programme guided by their seniors from the Student Council. The students went through a series of talks on Intellectual Virtues, Discipline and our favourite AHS traditional 早操. The Student Council also organised mass games and teambuilding games to help them get to know each other better through the games. 
The Secondary Two students attended a self-leadership workshop where they learnt the principles of servant leadership and the phases of project management. There was a mixture of workshops and activities to reinforce their learning. The classes were also scheduled to plan and execute their first visit to a home or charity on one of the afternoons. This enables them to put into practice what they have learnt in the morning almost immediately. 
The Secondary Three students had a 2-Day 1-Night bonding camp at Camp Christine with their Form Teachers. Before they boarded the buses for the campsite, the group facilitators conducted some ice-breaking games to set the right tone for the students to step out of their comfort zone to make more friends. Teambuilding games and short hikes were conducted to help them bond with one another through challenging tasks. There was also the traditional campfire on the first night where the students presented their class cheers. Throughout the campfire, the students cheered for each class that presented and learnt many different types of cheers as well. The students were told to set a target to make at least 2 new friends by the end of the camp and in the end, 98.8% of the students agreed that they had done so! 
The Secondary Four students attended a study skills workshop which taught them important skills such as time management and stress management. This is to prepare them well for the ‘O’ Levels at the end of the year. Basic study skills such as note-taking and memorisation techniques were also taught through a series of hands-on activities.