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Cyber Wellness Week 2015

The Cyber Wellness Awareness Week was held from the 6th to 10th of July 2015. This annual awareness week seeks to anchor students’ well-being in cyberspace based on two main principles “Respect for Self and Others” and “Safe and Responsible Use”. Students will then be able to make careful and well-considered decisions.

Twenty six secondary three students from the Guitar Ensemble and Robotics club took charge of the whole week’s activities under the guidance of Ms Jessica Ng and Mdm Sin Oi Leng as part of the criteria to obtain their National Youth Achievement Award (Bronze). 

Four students, Merie-Anne Chua Shi Hui (Sec 3D), Zhuo Jiayi (Sec 3G), Esther Yeo (Sec 3D) and James Ethan Howe Song En (Sec 3J), attended the Cyber Wellness Student Ambassador Programme 2015 Conference in April and gained exposure on how to promote cyber wellness to their peers and in the school. After the conference, they led their peers to plan on the activities that they would like to carry out over the Cyber Wellness Awareness Week.

The activities held over the week included an Instagram hashtag competition where students go to a photo booth made by the Guitar Ensemble at the school’s concourse and take a creative photograph with the props provided. They then post onto Instagram with a suitable cyber wellness caption. 

Examples of some Instagram posts:
Insta comp1.JPGInsta comp2.JPG
Examples of captions from students:
"Cyber bullying is not okay, not all forms of abuse leave bruises. all words have power to harm and heal, make the right choice."

"Someone force me post again but whatever. Cyberbullying is Bullying. Hiding behind a pretty screen, doesn’t make it less hateful, written words have power. Unless and until our society recognizes cyber bullying for what it is, the suffering of thousands of silent victims will continue. Problem with cyber bullying is everything. If you have something mean to say, look in the mirror & say it to yourself. Maybe you’ll think twice."
"To be cyber friendly is very simple, just remember these three letters : A . H . S .
A.ppropriate information
H.ave considerations for others
S.hare with others about cyber wellness 
We can play a part in ensuring a cyber friendly internet by practising the (AHS )!!!"

For inter-class activities, we have poster design competition for the secondary ones, poem/rap competition for the secondary twos and logo design competition for secondary threes.

The student ambassadors created ten original animation clips using online softwares and were broadcasted on every morning’s assembly. Each clip was based on one cyber wellness message that they wanted to share with the school. They also acted in two short video clips on Identity Theft and Online Scams. On Thursday’s morning assembly, Samuel Yaw from Robotics Club did a PowerPoint presentation on Cyberbullying and Phishing. 
For CCE lessons, there was a different topic for each level – the secondary one on Dangers of Cyber Contacts, the secondary two on Copyright and Piracy, the secondary three on Cybercrime and the secondary four on Media Security. 

On Friday, we invited Mr Shem from TOUCH Cyber Wellness and he gave the school an engaging and hyped-up presentation on “The Unbridled World of Social Media”. The presentation focused on what to post online and that students should not post to rant their feelings. This in turn will have dire consequences that students have to face.