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iLoveAHS Carnival

The iLoveAHS Carnival 2015 was held on 14th March 2015 within the school's premises. The carnival was officially opened by our Chairman of the School Management Board, Mr Chan together with Rev Lim and the school leaders. They wrote their well-wishes on the balloons before releasing them together.
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We have a variety of stalls set up by our students, Parents’ Support Group, Church members and canteen vendors. Our students displayed their creativity by setting up engaging and challenging games that suit people of all ages. Many students and guests enjoyed the games and lots of laughter and cheers can be heard throughout the day.
The most popular stall was the Dunking Machine where we have a group of teacher volunteers who took turns on the ‘Hot and Wet’ seat. Many students, current and ex, and our teachers tried their skill in hitting the jackpot to dunk the teachers. Even our Principal, Mdm Maureen Lee tried her hand on the dunking machine and she managed to dunk Mr Thomas Goh successfully into the water! 
The food stalls were all handled by our canteen vendors, church members and the Parents’ Support Group. They took time to prepare the food, set up the stalls and spent the day with us to advertise and sell their food. 
What was done differently this year was that 14th March coincided with World Water Day and we had the mascot ‘Water Wally’ to grace the occasion as well! We also had the chance to host students from Rainbow Centre to enjoy this joyous occasion with us. 

In total, we managed to raise more than $20000 for the Student Development Fund. It was also a wonderful platform to involve all students, teachers and our stakeholders to come together to Soar As One to be involved in this great day. We look forward to I Love AHS Carnival 2016!