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Innovation Week 2015

Anglican High School celebrated Innovation Week from 13 – 16 July 2015. At AHS, we believe that developing an innovative mindset is important to prepare our students for the future. Based on the theme “Change by Design”, different activities were ‘designed’ to enable everyone to experience and learn something different. The word ‘Design’ is also about Design Thinking, the school-wide approach used for innovation.

During the morning assembly, InnoChamps from Sec 1A and 1C shared the SMILE (Students’ Mission to Improve Learning Environment) Project, a student-initiated school improvement project they carried out using Design Thinking. The InnoChamps shared their findings from a school wide survey on the sleeping habits of AHS students and did a short talk to raise awareness on the importance of good sleeping habits. Another team of InnoChamps shared on the Eco Kepalas Project they carried out in collaboration with the National Environment Agency and Southeast CDC. Through Design Thinking, they made a prototype of a dustbin with a basketball hoop, and tested it out to address the littering problem in the neighbouring Fengshan community.
InnoChamps sharing on SMILE Project on Sleep Awareness_1.JPGInnoChamps sharing on SMILE Project on Sleep Awareness_2.JPG
Students from the I&E Club also set up a pushcart during recess to sell the Ziptachable – an innovation that won them the champion prize in the SMU Youth Innovation 2015. The Ziptachable is an improvised zip made of plastic and nylon that can be easily attached to existing earphone cord to overcome the problem of tangled earphone cords.
Ziptachable Sales at the I&E Club Pushcart_1.JPGZiptachable Sales at the I&E Club Pushcart_2.JPG
To promote innovation through fun, inter-class innovation games were held during recess. Teams of students had great fun competing against each other to build a slingshot out of limited materials to project a ping pong ball the furthest distance.
Innovation Games - Building the slingshot.JPGInnovation Games - Sec 1F launching their slingshot.JPG
Innovation Games - Sec 1K with their slingshot.JPGInnovation Games - Sec 2J launching their slingshot.JPG
An inaugural intra-school Rubik’s Cube competition was held in response to students’ suggestions. It was a close fight between the top players, with the winner, Lai Wen Yang Simon of Sec 4A, completing the 3 by 3 Rubik’s Cube in an impressive 14.75 seconds.
CCA Experience Day was held for the third consecutive year to give students the opportunity to experience a different CCA from their usual routine. Sec One and Two members from the participating CCAs (Choir, Guitar, Chinese Orchestra, Girl Guides, St John’s Ambulance Brigade, Speakers’ Club, and Innovation & Enterprise Club) experienced a different CCA for one day, participating in the activities organised by the Sec Three members.

As a grand finale to round off the week, a pop-up Maker Faire event was conducted by the Singapore Science Centre for the Secondary One cohort. Students were introduced to the maker culture and had hands-on fun in making paper circuits, paper engineering and fabric hacking with plastics and electronics. There was also a talk and demonstration on 3D modelling and printing. Overall, Innovation Week 2015 was a fruitful week of creative fun and learning.
Pop-Up Maker Faire - Demonstrating the fusing of plastics to fabric.JPGPop-Up Maker Faire - Making the Paper Circuits.JPG
Pop-Up Maker Faire - Paper Circuits by Students of 1A.JPGPop-Up Maker Faire - Paper Circuits by students of 1D.JPG