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National Day Celebrations

National Day, Partner’s Day and Student Leader’s Day Celebrations 2015

Anglican High commemorated the SG50 Jubilee with our very own National Day, Partners’ Day and Student Leaders’ Day on 6th August 2015. This is the culmination of 5 weeks of various sharing by various students on their favourite local songs, favourite haunts in the country, traditional games played by students in the past, favourite food and Singapore’s Pride. The concurrent commemoration serves to emphasize that we because we build our nation through the building of a next generation of leaders and to accomplish this vision, it requires the valuable partnerships with our different stakeholders and partners. A solemn ceremony was carried out in the main school hall to commemorate National Day. The marching contingent epitomized the importance of discipline and hard work, without which Singapore would not be able to achieve its success. The recitation of the “Recollections” reminded us of the stages of nation building that Singapore went through.

The 2015 Tree Planting Ceremony is different from previous years as it was held in the cosy enclave between the Collaborative Hub and the back of the canteen. The weather was lovely and there were smiles all round. Tree Planting at AHS is the vision of the Chairman of the AHS School Management Board (SMB), Mr Chan Sui Him.  He is keen to develop a ‘school within a garden’, where students could thrive in their learning amidst the lush greenery. The trees that we have selected are the Gnetum Gnemon and the Gardenia Tubifera. The fruits of the Gnetum Gnemon are used in Asian cooking whereas the Gardenia Tubifera  is a feast to the eyes when it blooms with beautiful yellow flowers.

Group photo.jpgTree planting1.jpg
Our tree planters this year include our guest of honour, Mr Jeffrey Goh who is the Vice Chairman of the SMB, Mr Chan Sui Him, the Chairman of the SMB, Rev Jeremy Ponniah representing All Saints’ Church. AHS Alumni’s representative is its Vice-Chairman, Mr Wee Soon Keong. We also had Mr Andy Chiang who is the Chairman of the Sports Support Group and Ms Lim Bee Lan of National Environment Agency who is one of our community partners. Also, the graduating classes of 2015 planted the trees together with our partners. The young trees flourishing in the nourished soil symbolises our students’ exciting journey at AHS.  Like plants dependent on the good soil and water, students  rely on the school to provide  care, affirmation, and the moral compass of strong Christian values to anchor them with strong roots, thus allowing their talents to soar like eagles.

As a member of the Eco Kepalas Community, a joint initiative spearheaded by the NEA and Southeast CDC, AHS has embarked on an environmentally friendly project where our school would recycle our canteen food waste and turn them into useful fertilizer. The product would be nutrient-rich humus which would fuel plant growth and restores vitality to depleted soil. We had a simple ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the beginning of our composting project.

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The commemoration of Student Leaders’ Day serves to emphasise the mission of AHS in building Honourable Servant Leaders in our students. The outgoing Secondary Four CCA leaders thank their CCA teachers for their guidance and hand over the symbolic item of the CCA to the incoming Sec Three leaders through the CCA teachers. The teachers also gave words of advice and encouragement to the Secondary Threes, who then took the Student Leaders’ Creed. Chinese Orchestra and the National Cadet Corp wowed the audience with their music rendition and their Silent Precision Drill respectively. Students from the Chinese Orchestra played two Community Songs including an Indian Song and this really showcased Singapore’s diversity and richness as Singaporeans come together to find strength from their shared experiences and heritage. The NCC Boys showed that no task is impossible, stunning the crowd with precision movements and acrobats which could only be mastered with grit and determination. Mrs Sng and the Dance Society rallied the school to join them in a mass dance as they show how Singaporeans used creativity and innovation to overcome our constraints. Our Choir then led the school to sing two of our evergreen songs – Home and Count on Me Singapore. The whole school joined in loudly and proudly and we marked the end of our celebrations with a bang! 
Keeping in mind the importance of an inclusive society, this year we are also proud to be able to host residents from the Fengshan Community, majority who are in the Pioneer Generation who had contributed immensely to the building of the nation. Our student hosts learnt the importance of empathy and were glad to be able to spread the joy to others.