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Operation WE Clean Up

The Keep Singapore Clean Movement has organised a one-day exercise titled 'Operation WE Clean Up' to involve everyone in Singapore to demonstrate their support for a truly clean Singapore. The exercise was held on 3rd May 2015 and people in Singapore are invited to organise or take part in clean-up activities across island wide in a concerted national effort. Through the one-day exercise, the organising committee aims to rally more individuals, schools, institutions and the communities to influence others to Keep Singapore Clean, reinforce the social norm on zero tolerance against littering and to garner support from the community for Keep Singapore Clean Movement. It was also a good opportunity to remind everyone in Singapore to show their love for the country by cleaning after themselves to instill greater pride and ownership for the environment.

Even though it was on a Sunday morning, a total of 328 students, teachers, parents and even members of the public came together in Anglican High School to participate in this very meaningful event. We volunteered to clean up the neighbouring blocks of flats around the vicinity of the school. The students from Anglican High School were allocated an area according to their classes led by 2 teachers per class. Each class was joined by their respective parents as well as members of the public. At the end of the operation, a total of 98.5kg of trash were collected from the 15 neighbouring residential blocks, walkways, drains and carparks. It was tiring but a meaningful event which will inspire our Anglican High School students to continue the good habit of cleaning after themselves and assist to pick up any litter they came across so as to keep Singapore clean and green.