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Sec 1 Showcase Day

As part of our school’s Start-It-Well, Monitor-With Care, and End-It-Strong principle for the year, the Secondary One Showcase Day was organised to end the year on a strong note for the Secondary Ones. The objectives of the Showcase Day were:
  • To showcase the Sec One students’ academic and co-curricular achievements, and
  • To engage the Sec One parents in celebrating and affirming their child’s achievements for the year (End-It-Strong)

Held on 10 October 2015 (Saturday), this event was run entirely by the Secondary One students, under the mentorship of the Sec One Student Development Team. There was minimal teacher involvement as they were busy with the examination marking. To promote student ownership, every student is involved in choosing and deciding the project they want to showcase. They are free to choose the project that they feel most proud of, and it can be any group or individual project that they have done for the year. They can also decide on the mode of showcase – booth display or live presentation.

To develop our students’ leadership and organisational skills, a student organising committee, made up of the Sec One Student Councillors, AHSMB Scholars and Class Leaders, was set up. The students took on different responsibilities, such as making the photo montage, working out the layout and set up the various venues, facilitating the presentations at the concurrent sessions and duties such as ushering, emcee and refreshment.

Commencing at 10am, the event started off with a group of 4 Secondary One students who performed their own music composition. This is followed by a rousing Chinese flute performance by 30 Secondary One students. This showcased the new skill learnt as part of their Appreciation of Chinese Culture lessons. This was followed by an opening address by the Principal, and a student-created photo montage highlighting the key events for the Secondary Ones in 2015. Thereafter, parents proceeded to view the different booth displays or live oral presentations.
Projects on showcase included Science projects on in-vitro fertilisation and biomimicry, Math project, English personal recount projects, Literature poems, Chinese reading projects, Chinese paintings, and i-SCoRe projects on educating the consumer to understand food labels or creating healthy meals for diet-related diseases. Some booths even provided food sampling of the created meals!
A total of 180 guests attended this event. Many of them also wrote positive notes and pinned them up on our student-designed Affirmation Tree. The parents also expressed that they were impressed with the Sec 1 students’ learning experiences in their 1st year of Anglican High School. Interacting with the students and hearing them confidently and proudly present about the projects they have done was indeed a heart-warming experience. The projects on showcase may not be their best subject or the best piece of work in the teachers’ perspective but for the students themselves, it is the piece of learning that they are most proud of. Indeed, the intent of celebrating and affirming every child’s work has been fulfilled.