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Sec 2 Principal's Talk on 17 Jan

On 17 January 2015, a Parents’ Talk was conducted for parents of Secondary Two students on subject combination and the overseas immersion trip. 

Our Principal, Mdm Maureen Lee, gave the opening address communicating the school’s directions and beliefs and the importance of the school-family partnership. Mr Vincent Kang, our Vice Principal then addressed the Subject Combination in Sec Threes. It is important for the parents to note the differences between now and the time when the parents were students themselves. Details covered include number of subject combinations, differences between Triple Science Courses and Double Science Courses, and the computation of L1R5. Mr Kang also opened the floor to parents who would like to clarify further questions. 

Mr Heok Boon Siang, Head of Department for Special Assistance Programme, then took the stage to highlight the pertinent information about the Overseas Immersion Trip for the Sec Twos. Topics covered include objectives of the trip, destination, dates, duration, cost and assignments. 

The talk was a fruitful session for the parents who gave strong positive feedback that they were able to better understand the subject combinations and L1R5 requirements.