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World Water Day


Anglican High School commemorated World Water Day (WWD) this year on 14 March 2015. The highlight of the commemoration was the prize presentation for the Water Conservation Animation Competition 2014-2015, which was jointly organised by PUB and Bukit View Secondary School, with support from Anglican High School and Pei Hwa Secondary School.  The Guest-Of-Honour (GOH) for the prize presentation was Mr Chan Sui Him, Chairman of the AHS Board of Directors.

The objective of this competition is to inculcate in our young the appreciation of our precious water resources and hone them to be active citizens practicing the principles instilled in CCE lessons, to be good stewards of our resources. This competition spanned over a period of five months culminating in the prize presentation and AHS was the co-ordinator for the primary schools in the east and south zones. 

The celebration also coincided with the ‘iLoveAHS Walk’ and the 'iLoveAHS Carnival'. Three representatives from PUB, namely Ms Diana Leong (Senior Manager, 3P Department), Mr Jason Wong (Industry Development Executive) and Mr Zhan Hong (new PUB scholar) participated in the walk with us. PUB also showed their support by supplying us with the WWD banners, 1,600 foldable water bottles and stickers as freebies to all participants of the day’s events. Water Wally, the adorable water Mascot for PUB, added to the fanfare during the prize presentation ceremony as well as entertained the crowd at the carnival. We hope that the event has created an awareness of the need to remember our role as responsible stewards and users of a precious resource in Singapore, water.