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AHS60 Musical- Chrysalis 展翅高飞

Anglican High School celebrates her 60th Anniversary this year. Part of the smorgasbord of Diamond Jubilee festivities that include a carnival, record-breaking mosaic, and a homecoming dinner, is Chrysalis - 展翅高飞, an original musical that articulates its 60 years of heritage through the narrative of a school girl’s journey of self-discovery that takes the audience on a trip down memory lane. Amongst the many nostalgic scenes is 早操 (morning mass exercises), fad dances of the ‘60s, and one that cleverly recounts the indelible shared experiences at the school tuck-shop. The plot encapsulates the many facets of school life and digs deep into the emotions and internal struggles of students to create an evocative and rousing story of resilience.
The scale of this in-house production is undoubtedly one of the largest of its kind. It involves some 330 students from across 23 co-curricular activity groups and a creative team that consists of more than 20 teachers from diverse backgrounds. The script and the seven original songs were written and composed by teachers. The SAP and bicultural heritage is also evident in all areas, including the unique bilingual script and the intertwining of western elements like contemporary dance with eastern ones, such as Kuai Ban Shu (快板术), the ancient Chinese art of narration with bamboo clappers. The 60-strong orchestra is also a seamless amalgamation of instruments from both worlds, featuring those from the Harmonica, Guitar, Chinese Orchestras and the Concert Band. The entire production took one and a half years to complete and three shows were put up on 18 and 19 March 2016 at the Kallang Theatre.

We were honoured to have The Right Reverend Rennis Ponniah, Bishop of the Diocese of Singapore to grace the event on gala show on 19 March 2016. Our school chaplain, Bishop Low Jee King and Reverend Rennis Ponniah blessed all present by giving an opening prayer and closing benediction respectively. The musical is testimony that God’s hand is on the whole production team. Everyone stayed safe and there was much peace, collegiality and camaraderie to allow such a magnificent and smooth performance to take place. 

Do join us for the next birthday bash to mark AHS’ 60th birthday, the AHS Founders’ Day Dinner held at Anglican High School on 23 July 2016!