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AHS60 VIA Stories

As part of our school’s 60th Anniversary celebrations this year, the school decided to kick-start the celebrations with a reminder to all students on the importance of giving back to society. The AHS 60 VIA Stories event is about serving the needs of the residents in the Fengshan neighbourhood. We partnered with Fengshan Community Centre to identify 60 needy families whom we will reach out to. The school will also carry out simple litter picking, collection of newspapers and old clothing at 60 blocks in the Fengshan neighbourhood. This is a combined effort from the AHS family with involvement by all students, staff, church, alumni, parents as well as grassroot leaders from Fengshan CC. 
On the morning of the event, Mdm Lee gave a short briefing on the objectives and significance of the event before Bishop Low led the school in praying for the school and the Fengshan neighbourhood. 
The food packs, with basic food items such as rice, biscuits and cooking oil that were donated by parents and staff, were given out to every class that will be visiting the needy families.
The classes were then dispatched to the blocks allocated to them to carry out the litter picking, as well as the collection of old newspapers and clothing. Parents also joined in the activity with their children’s classes.
Members of the church, alumni, and school leaders were also allocated blocks of flats to carry out the activity. It is indeed encouraging to see many of them role modelling the positive spirit to serve the community. 
The most significant part of the event was the visit to the needy families. Many of the families expressed gratitude when the food packs were delivered to them by the Form Teachers and 2 representatives from each class. Our students and teachers also interacted with the families to understand more about their needs. It was indeed an eye-opener and enriching experience for some of our students who have not encountered families that have difficulties meeting basic needs. 
As a follow up to the event, the needs and requests from the needy families were brought back and collated. There were simple requests like study tables, assessment books, standing fans, etc. The classes will try their best to meet these requests and plan for another visit to these families before Chinese New Year. 

In total, we collected 100.17kg of litter, 7540kg of newspaper and 3420kg of clothing. Through the sale of the collected items to the recycling companies, we managed to raise a total of $2300 for the school’s Student Development Fund.