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Cyber Wellness Week 2016

The Cyber Wellness Awareness Week was held from the 5th to 8th of July 2016. This annual awareness week seeks to anchor students’ well-being in cyberspace based on two main principles “Respect for Self and Others” and “Safe and Responsible Use”. Students will then be able to make careful and well-considered decisions. Six secondary two students from classes 2C and 2E took charge of the whole week’s activities under the guidance of Ms Jessica Ng. 

These students worked through the June holidays and created six original animation clips using an online animation software (PowToon). These clips were broadcasted on every morning’s assembly as well as on the school messaging system. Each clip was based on one cyber wellness message that they wanted to share with the school.
Screenshot of animation clip on Password Security by Chang Min Elle and Jermaine Ng of 2E
Screenshot of animation clip on Online Scams by Teo Eusin and Haw Peiyi of 2E

For CCE lessons, there was a different topic for each level – the secondary one on Dangers of Cyber Contacts, the secondary two on Copyright and Piracy, the secondary three on Cyber Scam and Extortion and the secondary four on Cyber Scams. The lessons were conducted by the classes’ form teachers.

On Friday, we invited Mr Shem from TOUCH Cyber Wellness and he gave the school an engaging and hyped-up presentation on “Internet, Ethics and Cyber Bullying”. The presentation, together with the broadcast of a realistic iNteractive Technodrama clip, focused on the story of a JC girl being cyber bullied, the emotions and dire consequences that she and her classmates faced.