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Camp Engage 2018

Camp Engage is part of the Anglican High School’s tradition to “Start it Well” for the year by engaging students in meaningful activities for all 4 levels. During the start of school, all students are involved in various activities in their levels together with their Form Teachers. The Level Camps aim to build strong bonds among the students and their teachers.

We welcome the cohort of 2018 Secondary One students to our Anglican High School Family. The Orientation programmes are led by seniors from the student council who guided their juniors in familiarising themselves with the school. The Secondary One students participated in various teambuilding games and mass activities to help them build friendships with one another and their seniors.  During the course of the Orientation Programme, the teachers and student councillors showed care to ensure every student feels at ease in the new school environment and there is always someone who is there for them.
sec 1 games.jpg
team building.jpg
Secondary 1 students playing games that test their problem-solving skills. Team building games – our secondary 1 students learning to work with one another
team building PA Ctr.jpg
Team building games – our secondary 1 students build strong bonds as a cohort by learning to trust each other and caring for one another.
Our student councillors in action leading the groups during Orientation.

The Secondary Two students attended a workshop on Self-Leadership where they learnt the principles of servant leadership and project management. The hands-on workshop challenges the students to serve and make a difference for others. The workshop also equips students with the skills to plan and manage projects effectively. Students then apply what they learn by forming teams to work on various social enterprise projects as part of their iSCORE curriculum programme. Every class adopted a home or charity of their choice, conducted visits to understand the needs of the people they are serving and apply design thinking to develop prototypes to meet these needs. Through these experiences, the school aims to develop students to be honourable leaders who are principled servant leaders with a heart for people.

The Secondary Three students had a 3D2N camp in school. Through ice-breakers and team building games, the students learn to step out of their comfort zone and make new friends. The students are also engaged in outdoor activities such as outdoor cooking and land expedition to Kampong Glam and Chinatown to build their confidence and learn to work with one another. The campfire on the last night was the highlight and culmination of a very successful camp where new bonds are built and relationships are strengthened.
Sec 3 students participating in the various activities during the Land Expedition 

Campfire Night at the church carpark – A night to remember and bonds forged that for life

The secondary four students benefited from a study skills workshop aimed at developing important life skills such as time management and stress management. They learnt practical study skills such as note-taking and memory techniques. Through hands-on activities, students learn to take active steps to overcome obstacles and develop resilience with the growth mindset. On the last day of Camp Engage, all the Sec 4 classes served the community with “Recycling Day”. They went out to collect old newspapers and clothing from the Simei Estate. In total, we collected 4870kg of newspapers and 1979kg of clothing and proceeds were donated to Singapore Anglican Community Services.

recycling lorry.jpgbags recycle.jpg
Teachers and students working hand in hand to collect old newspapers and clothing
The residents were ready for AHS – way to go Simei Estate!