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Total Defence Week

AHS commemorated Total Defence Week from 9th to 15th February 2018. This year’s line-up of events were exceptionally meaningful and memorable. A few highlights for this year’s commemoration were the displays set up by the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). 

We also had the privilege of inviting our alumni, Inspector Teo Wan Ling, Army Officers ME6 Tan Boon Hong and ME4 Teo Liang Kai to share their thoughts about why Total Defence is still vital in today’s context and their valuable experiences in their various vocations. They also fondly reminisced about their lives as students of Anglican High School and encouraged our students to work hard. This struck a chord with many of our students and teachers. The NPCC girls also had the privilege to speak to their senior, Inspector Teo, who was in the pioneer batch of NPCC. 

NPCC girls.jpgsharing her exp.jpg
NPCC girls with INSP Teo
INSP Teo sharing her experience with the staff
and students.
ME6 Tan sharing about the Logistics formation and his experience in AHS.
ME4 Teo sharing his experience in AHS, as a career soldier and some encouragement for the students.
In the display done by the SAF officers from the Maintenance and Engineering Support Formation, they shared various aspects of army life such as standard-issued items recruits will receive when they first report for Basic Military Training (BMT), combat attire and also how a Maintenance Task Vehicle (MTV) works. Students had the opportunity to find more about the life of a soldier and found out more about a career in the SAF. They enjoyed the sessions and understood better the capabilities of the SAF and the role it plays in Total Defence.

Students interacting with the solders and trying on the combat gear.
Student trying out the full battle order (FBO).
Students listening to the briefing for the standard equipping at BMT.

trying MTV.jpg
tryng mtv2.jpg
Students trying to manoeuvre the MTV to lift a specific load.

Students trying the SAF uniforms for the first time!

During the SPF display, students had the opportunity to discover first-hand how tracing of fingerprints is conducted in police investigatory work. This proved to be an exciting experience for the mini crime-busters (students) who participated!

Students trying out the fingerprint dusting with the police officers.

Overall, it was an enriching and fun week where staff and students indulged in an array of exciting experiential learning activities. We would also like to extend our gratitude to the officers from SPF and SAF for making this commemorative event a memorable and teachable one!

grp pic.jpg
The army officers with the NCC boys and CCE teachers!