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Hostel Facilities

  • 4 stories of accommodation for 116 boarders
  • 48 units of air-conditioned two-bedded rooms with attached toilets
  • 4 units of air-conditioned six-bedded rooms with communal toilets
  • Water heater facilities in bathrooms
  • Tea room
  • Dining room, Infotainment room, study room, music room, snooker room, computer room
  • Gym, living room

For Learning
 Study Room Computer Room
For Well-being
 03_2-bedded room.jpg 04_4-bedded room.jpg
 2-Bedded Room 4-Bedded Room
 05_6-bedded room.jpg06_TV room.jpg 
 6-Bedded Room TV Room
 07_Dinning Hall.jpg08_Gym.jpg 
 Dining Hall Gym
   For Leisure
 09_Music Room.jpg10_Infotaiment Room.jpg 
 Music RoomInfotainment Room 
 11_Snooker Room.jpg 12_Tea Room.jpg
Snooker Room Tea Room