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Rules & Regulations


1.1 Boarders shall at all times respect the rights and privacy of other residents.

1.11 Noise level should be kept to a minimum.

1.12 Boarders residing in a shared room are only allowed to entertain their visitors in the common areas (e.g. infotainment room).

1.13 Boarders are strictly prohibited from accommodating any non-residents in the room after curfew hours.

1.14 Boarders are strictly prohibited from entering the room of opposite gender or allowing friends of opposite gender to enter their room.

1.15 Boarders shall not trespass into another resident’s room or any area of the hostel which they are not authorized to enter.

1.16 Boarders are prohibited from sleeping in the common areas (eg. TV room).

1.17 Boarders are to be appropriately attired when in the common areas.

1.2 Boarders shall at all times respect the hostel staff and mentors.

1.21 Boarders shall attend all briefings and meetings when notified by the hostel office.

1.3 Boarders are prohibited from engaging in conduct which poses a threat to the rights or well-being of other person.

1.31 Gambling, smoking, consumption of alcohol and habit-forming drugs as well as anti-social behaviours such as spitting and littering are strictly prohibited in the hostel.

1.32 Solicitation, sale or promotion of any goods or services or any political or social cause within the Hostel are strictly prohibited.

1.33 Activities at the hostel contravening the laws of Singapore are prohibited.

1.34 The possession of undesirable print or non-print materials, which are deemed unsuitable to be in the possession of boarders, is prohibited.

1.35 Secondary school boarders are not allowed to use their laptops in their rooms after 11pm. JC and university students are exempted from this rule.

1.36 Anglican High School boarders are not allowed to return to the hostel during curriculum time including recesses.

1.37 Boarders are strictly prohibited from entering the school compound after school operating hours. This excludes the Friday sports sessions, whereby access to the sporting facilities is allowed.

1.38 Boarders who persistently violate the Rules and Regulations of the hostel will be asked to leave the hostel with deposit and balance of hostel fees forfeited.


2.1 Boarders are prohibited from activating, without reasonable cause, fire alarms, thereby producing false alarms, or damaging any fire-safety equipment or discharging or tampering with fire safety equipment without a fire or the reasonable threat of a fire being present.

2.2 Cooking or the use of naked flames, fire, incense sticks, candles, mosquito coils and sparklers is not permitted in the room. Preparation of food is strictly restricted to the tea room provided. Boarders shall not leave any cooking or microwaving unattended in the tea room.

2.3 Any kind of dangerous/hazardous activities are strictly prohibited.

2.4 Boarders are prohibited from altering or adapting electrical outlets and equipment, and from overloading any electrical points. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) wiring and other electrical set-ups by the boarders are prohibited in the hostel.

2.5 All boarders are required to attend all fire drills conducted in a swift and orderly manner.

2.6 Boarders are prohibited from placing any garbage, trash, bicycles or other articles (e.g. shoes, slippers, shoe racks, laundry, clothes racks, bags, receptacles, detergent, potted plants, etc.) in the common areas. These areas include stairs, passageways, ledges, balconies, etc. of the hostel. The hostel office reserves the right to remove or discard any item or article stored or placed in the common areas in violation of this clause. Such item or article will not be returned to a claimant without satisfactory proof of ownership and payment of all expenses incurred for its removal and/or storage.

2.7 Boarders shall not throw objects from windows, balconies, fire escapes or other exterior parts of the hostel.


3.1 Boarders are responsible for keeping the room safe, clean and tidy, and taking care of the contents in the room. Boarders who violate the above rules may be fined up to $10-$15.
3.12 Shoes must be kept neatly on the shoe racks provided.

3.2 Boarders are prohibited from removing any appliance, furniture, furnishing, fitting or fixture from the room and the common areas of the hostel.
3.21 Any damage to property including rooms and other hostel premises must be reported immediately to the hostel office.

3.22 Boarders who are responsible for the damage will be required to pay in full for the damage or replace the item which is damaged.

3.23 Any damage to the facilities of common areas caused by the carelessness, negligence or improper conduct of the boarders or visitors, the boarders shall be responsible for the cost of such repair, repainting, rectification or replacement.

3.3 No boarders may paint, put nails or screws, drill holes on the walls, change the arrangements of the furniture in the room and any other part of the hostel.
3.31 Boarders shall not post or hang signs, notices, posters, banners, and etc on the walls, or in areas not designated by the hostel office for such a purpose, unless prior permission has been obtained from the office.

3.4 Boarders shall not change the room allocated to him or her without the approval of the hostel office.

3.5 The keeping of animals and pets in the hostel is strictly prohibited.

3.6 The use of heating and food preparation appliances, waterbeds, private air conditioners, air coolers and any other items not expressly approved by the office are prohibited in the hostel.

3.7 Loss or damage of hostel keys shall be reported to the hostel office within 24 hours or the next working day. The cost of replacing the hostel keys and lock shall be borne by the boarders.


4.1 The hostel office reserves the right for its authorised representatives to enter and inspect any room in the interests of health, safety of the hostel, or to carry out any cleaning, repair, installation, maintenance, or improvement works without prior notice to the boarder.

4.2 Entry to the room may also be made at any time, whether or not the boarder is present, and without prior notice to the boarder, if there are reasonable grounds to believe or suspect that:
4.2.1 any substance, material, item or article is being used, kept or stored in the room and such use or possession is illegal or prohibited by law or by the Rules and Regulations; or

4.2.2 There is a breach or contravention of the immigration laws; or

4.2.3 There is a breach of any provision of this Rules and Regulations.


5.1 Non-resident visitors must leave the hostel premises by 9pm on the day of visit. They are strictly prohibited from staying overnight in the hostel.
5.2 Boarders shall ensure that his or her non-resident visitors be accompanied by the boarder at all times.

5.3 Boarders are responsible for his or her visitor’s full compliance and observance of the provisions of this hostel Rules and Regulations. Any breach of the hostel rules by the visitor shall be deemed to be a breach by the boarders.

5.4 Non-resident visitors excluding family members are prohibited to enter the boarder’s room.

5.5 Male family visitors are strictly prohibited from entering the levels housing female boarders.

5.6 The staff of Anglican House reserve the right to request any visitor, if deemed unwelcomed, to leave the hostel premises.


6.1 Boarders who are not scholars must be medically insured by their parents or join the hostel’s group insurance scheme. The premium of medical insurance will vary yearly depending on the number of boarders in need of the scheme for that particular year.

6.2 Curfew hours for respective boarders

Weekdays and Sunday Saturday, Eve of Public Holiday and School Holidays
Secondary School boarders 6pm 10.30pm
Junior College boarders 9pm 10.30pm
Undergraduates N.A. N.A.

6.3 Following Rules and Regulations are only applicable to secondary school and junior college boarders only:
6.3.1 Boarders who persistently cover up the glass panels of their room doors will be fined $10 each time after the first warning.

6.3.2 Secondary school and JC boarders are required to sign out when they leave the hostel and sign in when they return daily.

6.3.3 During the term time, permission must be obtained from the warden personally to leave the hostel after 9pm, except on Saturday or on the eve of public holidays.

6.3.4 Boarders who cannot return by his or her respective curfew time must inform the wardens by submitting an excuse form three working days in advance.

6.3.5 Boarders who wish to stay overnight at other places must:
a) Submit a letter from parent or guardian in advance;
b) Seek permission of the wardens, and then submit a leave form before signing out; and
c) Submit the acknowledgement form to the hostel office immediately when he or she returns to the hostel. A boarder who submits the acknowledgement form late will be fined $30 and barred from leaving the hostel for 2 weeks.
d) Boarders who breaks the sign-in and sign-out rule will be given demerit points, extra duties and fines at the discretion of the wardens.

6.3.6 Boarders’ passports must be submitted to the hostel office for safekeeping. Should boarders require to retrieve their passports, they must:
a) Submit a letter from parent or guardian in advance;
b) Seek permission of the wardens, and then register with the hostel office.